What To Expect

  • 'Lightening' (bump drops)
  • Nesting
  • Sleep changes

Your Baby This Week

Your baby is the size of a teddy, weighs 2600g or more and from the tip of their head to the bottom of their bum they are about 30cm long.

Dear Diary

I practised LOADS of self-care this week and I really feel the benefits of it already. I got my nails done and I feel giddy about the fact that these could be my "labour nails". I know you're not supposed to have shellac etc in case you end up needing surgery but sure we'll cross that bridge if we need to.

I had a lovely pamper session and genuinely feel like a new woman with my fresh nails. I got my toes done too and I look forward to showing them off with lots of sandal-wearing over the coming weeks. I'm all about the comfort and I'm still living in my Saltwater sandals. I got my eyebrows waxed and tinted too so I'm just completely mad about myself this week.

We had the most amazing experience this week. We booked an appointment for the "Birth Reflections" service in the Coombe and it completely exceeded our expectations. For anyone who doesn't know (I didn't until about two weeks ago) this service gives you the opportunity to have a one to one meeting with a midwife to go through all the details of your previous birth.

They go through everything to help paint a picture of how and why everything panned out as it did. I brought Peter along and we both benefited from it so much. It was such a healing experience.

I had so many of the details of my first birth wrong in my head. Timings and the sequence of events in particular. I left feeling empowered and positive about this next birth. The Birth Reflections midwife (Ann Fergus) even brought me up to the delivery suite to have a look at the pool room and familiarise myself with the ward in general.

She went above and beyond and I just feel amazing after it. We both asked tonnes of questions and I can honestly say that I now feel at peace with Billy's birth. I understand why the interventions happened and what would have been different if they were not used. Time to focus on this baby now.

I also attended a lovely event this week. I've often seen photos on social media of pregnant bellies painted with beautiful artwork. Well, I got to do the very same myself this week. I attended a "paint your bump" event which aimed to raise awareness of maternal mental health. It was such a lovely morning. My mam came along and Billy got to have his face painted too. It was uplifting on so many levels. I'm really going to miss my pregnant belly when it's gone! But of course, I cannot wait to meet my baby.


Peter has been putting some artwork up on the walls this week. We've come a long way since we moved in just six months ago. It really feels like a home now. I'm putting the house-work on hold this weekend and I'm going to focus on completely finishing my hospital bags because, really, it could be any day now.

A Partner’s Perspective

In the last few weeks, we keep having experiences that feel, in some sense, final. It's like we are going travelling; happiness tinged with occasional sadness. The length of the pregnancy prepares you for it, though. Feeling uncharacteristically impatient for what's next.

My partner is delighted to be going on maternity leave and I'm starting a new job, which feels both appropriate and completely ill-timed. Everything is lining up for the months to come.

Our Midwife’s Advice

By the end of this week, your baby is described as "term". Although we say pregnancy is 40 weeks, a baby can arrive anytime between 37 and 42 completed weeks! Estimated Due Dates really are just that - estimated. Only about 3% of babies actually arrive on their due date, which means that 97% of the time, they don't.

Self-care is essential for all of us but particularly as you reach the end of the pregnancy. Self-care means different things to everyone but essentially it is making time for you to look after your own needs, whatever they may be. So, get your nails done, get a pedicure, read a lovely book, watch that box set you've been talking about and practice your positive birth affirmations.

You might also be in full 'nesting' mode. You might decide now is the time the hot-press, the kitchen cupboards and the bathroom deserve a deep clean. It's a very common thing that most pregnant women will experience and is your way of getting your little nest or home ready for your little chick.

Just be careful to not overdo it. You will have a lot of sleep changes so you might find yourself napping more frequently during the day and then up half the night. Again, this prepares you for when the baby arrives. Listen to your body and just go with it.

If you haven't already, do a dry run of the route you are going to take to the maternity unit going to give birth.

Week 37

Our Wellness Tip of the Week

Learn some relaxation and breathing techniques. They'll help if you're struggling to sleep at night, and they may come in handy when you're in labour, too.

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