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  • Baby kicks
  • Leg cramping
  • Nail changes

Your Baby This Week

Your baby is the size of a french press, weighs nearly 900g and is up to 21cm long.

Dear Diary

This is a week for facing fears, let me tell you. As someone who is very prone to anxiety, I feel it is a miracle that I've managed to get through this week in one piece. Passing my driving test last week was huge and it seems like, since then, I've been feeling a little brave. Let's just say that my twenty-eighth week of pregnancy has involved facing a lot of things I wouldn't normally want to face.

It started with a tooth-ache. I am the biggest chicken when it comes to the dentist. I literally haven't been for a check-up in about seven years. The last time I went they put in a temporary filling which should have lasted 9-12 months and naturally I was thrilled it stuck around indefinitely.

I've always been petrified of the dentist from a young age and it is no different in adulthood. I've had a tooth-ache pretty much since my sinus infection left. I had initially thought it was part of the infection because that can happen with a sinus infection, but this one specific tooth had been aching independently and I simply had to face the music.

I made a call to a random dentist near my son's school for the sake of convenience and they couldn't have been any nicer. I was thrilled to discover that I was entitled to a free check-up due to my PRSI contribution payment so that softened the blow a little bit.

I was an anxious wreck about the appointment but the actual pain in my tooth was worse if that makes sense. I started to see the appointment as an end to the discomfort. I went along to the appointment and my hand was actually quivering as I filled out the registration form.

I am not a fan of a needle. I even wince at the thought of the blood tests at my antenatal appointments.

I cannot believe I'm writing this but by some stroke of luck, I did not require any work done. The pain is probably connected to the sinus infection and I was sent on my merry way after a free (thanks PRSI) clean which I had never had before. To say I was delighted with myself would be a huge understatement. The dentist explained to me that sensitive or sore teeth and gums is very common in pregnancy and she believed the pain would subside in a couple of days. It did and I'm over the moon!

Then came the issue with the mouse. Yes, you read that correctly. I'll set the scene, shall I? It was the end of a long day of keeping my family alive and well while carrying around a basketball in my tummy. We were snuggled up on the sofa watching TV when we heard a rustling sound coming from the corner of the room. Cue the two of us looking at each other in horror and approaching the box where the noise was coming from.

Out ran a tiny mouse and I just about went into early labour with the shock. I'd love to say my husband said, "I've got this" and told me to relax but he nearly knocked me out when he leapt on to the sofa to protect himself from this absolute predator. We didn't catch the mouse; I couldn't sleep that night and I had fears of bringing a new-born into a house infested by monsters. All is well that ends well though right? We laid some traps, caught three mice (one in our bedroom. KILL me now) and have been trying to forget the ordeal ever since. Great craic altogether.

And finally, we have needles. I am not a fan of a needle. I even wince at the thought of the blood tests at my antenatal appointments. Yes, I know I'll be pushing a watermelon out of my body in a few short weeks, but I'm still scared of being stabbed with a needle. I can't help it.

This week I had the whooping cough vaccine as per my GP's recommendation. It's to protect the baby who would be very vulnerable to it if I caught it and apparently, it's on the rise now. And naturally, that was not the only needle in my life this week. My blood type is Rhesus Negative which means I need an injection of Anti-D in case my baby's blood is Rhesus Positive – or maybe it's the other way around?

Anyway, it's something along those lines and I basically needed the injection and had it yesterday. Neither really hurt, I lived to tell the tale and no it will not prevent me from fearing the next needle that comes my way.

So, between mice, needles and fears of the dentist, I am very much looking forward to an uneventful weekend involving bucket loads of chocolate (sorry Mr Dentist).

A Partner’s Perspective

We're getting really into the shopping now; looking at all shapes and sizes of cots, Moses baskets, rockers, buggies, car seats, playmats and the rest... It's quite overwhelming and frighteningly expensive.

At our family's request, we are creating a gift list of things we really need. That's a massive help.

Our Midwife’s Advice

Welcome to your 3rd and final trimester. Your little person is just around the corner. All of your baby's senses are now functioning. Your baby will have periods of wakefulness and then periods of sleep. The question is what do they dream about?

It's so important that you keep on top of your teeth in pregnancy. It's absolutely ok to go and get a clean and polish and to have regular check-ups with your dentist. Just make sure and tell them you are pregnant.

The extra demands on your body can also affect your teeth so it's really important to look after them. Also important that you are keeping your calcium intake up to make sure your body has all it needs to provide the nutrients for your baby to grow all its bones and teeth.

If you remember back to your first visit, one of the blood tests is to check your blood group. If you are Rh – (negative) this means that you will get a dose of Anti-D (a blood product) at this stage. It's an injection so unfortunately if you don't like needles, not very pleasant. If you have had any knocks or falls before now, you might get it a couple of times during your pregnancy.

It's to protect any future pregnancies. It is possible that although you have a negative blood type, your baby's might be positive. Although normally, your blood and baby's blood don't mix together. However, if you had any severe knocks this might mean that a few cells of the baby's blood might mix with your own and if this happens it can have a negative impact on future pregnancies as your body will produce things called antibodies. The Anti D acts like a sponge, and mops these up so you don't have to worry about it.

Week 28

Our Wellness Tip of the Week

Don't compare yourself to others! Everyone's pregnancy is different and that's perfectly fine. Take a break from Instagram - you're doing great.

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