What To Expect

  • Swollen Ankles
  • Frequent toileting
  • Lower back pain

Your Baby This Week

Your baby this week is about the length of a paint brush!

Dear Diary

Since we returned home from Disney Land it's been all go. It always is with a four-year-old though. We had an absolute ball. I'll admit that on the first day I was a bit miserable. I had been warned that it was cold (and to pack thermals) but I have honestly never felt cold like this in my entire life. It's the kind of cold that hurts your bones.

The hilarious thing was that we arrived to snow which meant that Billy was more interested in making snowballs than in the rides. I was putting on a brave face, but I was walking around the park thinking that the next four days were going to be a total disaster.

It makes me sound a little bit like a brat but come on, Disney Land is a once in a lifetime trip and you would never think that cold could negatively affect it so much. I was walking around the park and I couldn't even talk. I'm not being dramatic; these were the coldest conditions I've ever been in and we couldn't feel our fingers or toes. You know that kind of cold that hurts your eyeballs and gives you a headache? OK, so we've clarified now that it was COLD.

Thankfully, we had a bit of sense and wore several layers of clothing every other day. I was already feeling a bit out of proportion with my sort-of-bump and pregnancy weight-gain so wearing three pairs of trousers and socks made me feel like I might topple over. Moral of the story – pack layers and thermals if you are visiting Disney Land Paris in the colder months.


Disney Land was such a magical place. I'm shocking when it comes to going on rides, so I was a glorified photographer most of the time and that suited me just fine. I was always counting down the minutes until our next meal or looking out for toilets. I like to fulfil all pregnancy clichés.

It must be said that the toilet facilities in Disney Land are impressive. They're spotless! The food was also insanely good. We stayed in Santa Fe hotel which is one of the Disney hotels and it had a Mexican all-you-can-eat buffet. I was never happier than in those moments I stood beside a giant box of nachos and a container of warm cheesy dip. Living my best pregnant life right there. We were all suitably exhausted by the evening, so I usually nodded off pretty quickly before another busy day. Some of the days we did 30,000 steps or something. I think I just made up that figure, but it was a LOT of steps.

The highlight of the trip was most definitely the fireworks at the Disney Castle. It took my breath away. All of the emotional Disney songs, beautiful projected images on to it and me feeling my little bundle move inside me. I was absolutely SOBBING, and Billy was just loudly talking about how he loved "eating this cloud thing" (candy floss). It was one of those "we're really having a baby" moments and myself and the hubby had a little moment about it.

I FINALLY got to park in the "Expectant Mothers" spot. I felt exceptionally smug.

Unfortunately, just before we left, I started to feel really under the weather. My son was feeling the very same and we took antibiotics with us for the trip. By the time we returned home we were floored and seemed to actually regress, so that has been quite difficult to deal with. We had a scary incident where the little man's temperature was almost 41'C and the GP had to administer a suppository which he was not a fan of understandably.

I'm really thrilled that I had the idea to do a food shop while I was over in Paris. I logged on to the Tesco app and arranged for it to be delivered the day we arrived home and it's been a lifesaver. The temptation to eat a tonne of junk is REAL when you are sick, but some healthy grub will serve us well.

I've been to the GP and he said it's a sinus infection which apparently pregnant women are super prone to. He said they can last up to three weeks and are pretty chronic. I'm actually embarrassed writing this but I hope it clears up because we are actually going away again in a week to the canaries.

We figured it'll be unlikely that we get a sun holiday when the baby comes so my husband went all out (thank you Credit Union loan) and booked us a week away when he found an amazing deal. Hear me out though, it was cheap as chips and we just bought a house, so my husband appears to be having mid-life crisis ever since. Hey, I'm not complaining.

And before I go, I must tell you about the highlight of my week. I visited Supervalu to pick up some Coleslaw (you didn't need to know that) and I FINALLY got to park in the "Expectant Mothers" spot. I felt exceptionally smug.

A Partner’s Perspective

This week, my partner and I made up our list for the hospital bag. We have a couple of things to pick up so we are all ready to rock and roll. I also have planned routes into the hospital for the big day.

Being an organised type of person, I also have a Plan B and Plan C in case of traffic.

The debate around names still rages on for the new boy or girl. We are down to 2 names for a boy and 3 for a girl – once all of our respective vetos have been exercised. I'll leave the names sit for a while and percolate.

The weather has been very hot this week, which took its toll somewhat with my partner. All is good though.

Our Midwife’s Advice

Your baby's digestive system is now fully functioning and can absorb nutrients from the amniotic fluid it swallows. The lungs are now fully developed but immature.

Unfortunately, during pregnancy, pregnant women are slightly more susceptible to picking up bugs. This is because your immune system is slightly weaker when you are pregnant. It's very important if you are feeling poorly that you attend your GP and get checked out, just like Tracey did.

It's also really important that you get your yearly flu vaccine and whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine in pregnancy. This will not only protect you but also protect your little baby.

How are your boobs doing? Hopefully, they don't feel so tender and again if your bra feels tight, make sure to get a properly fitted one. It's also normal that you may note they leak a little.

This yellow fluid is called colostrum. It's the first milk your breasts produce and is liquid gold! In tiny amounts, it has enough to sustain your little one. Your body is in full preparation mode, getting itself ready for the big day in a few months when you will birth your little miracle!

Week 23

Our Wellness Tip of the Week

Go to the dentist! With hormonal changes, you're much more susceptible to gum diseases like gingivitis while pregnant. Ensure that you're taking extra care of your teeth and mouth. If you haven't had a trip to the dentist in the last six month, make an appointment.

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