What To Expect

  • 'Pregnancy brain' (Forgetfulness)
  • Constipation
  • Increased vaginal discharge

Your Baby This Week

Your baby is the size of a rubber duck, about 14cm long.

Dear Diary

The Christmas season is upon us and things are starting to get pretty busy. In a good way of course. My brother is coming home from America soon and plans are starting to come together for various get-togethers with friends and family over the festive period.

As you can imagine my greatest source of excitement is the food. I am such a foodie and I find myself thinking about how difficult it might be to have pregnancy nausea over the Christmas season. Firstly, I'd be raging to miss out on all of the delicious food but also you would just struggle with the various different smells wouldn't you?

If this is/was you, you have my sympathies because the struggle is real when it comes to smells and pregnancy sickness. I'm relieved it has long passed for me but not everyone is so lucky to escape it after the first trimester.

That's another thing I've approached really differently with this pregnancy actually. On my first pregnancy, I was quite meticulous about ensuring that I stayed away from certain foods. I limited my seafood, always checked to ensure cheese was pasteurised and I wouldn't dream of having a dippy egg.

It's so different this time around and I'm not sure if that is something I should be shouting from the rooftops but here we are. I actually don't think I've ever eaten so many prawns and dippy eggs. Not together now – although that does sound kind of gorgeous!

Eighteen weeks right now and starting to look forward to the "big scan".

Christmas is such a funny time for so many people. It's full of things to be happy about and then at the same time I think it brings up a lot of "stuff" for people. That's how I would describe it for me. I personally find Christmas to be a time that my anxiety is through the roof. It's hard to put my finger on it but I spend a huge amount of the time worrying, stressing and not really living in the moment.

Every year I say that "this one will be different" but I end up feeling the same wave of relief when normality resumes. And yet I do love so much of it. We bought a house a couple of months ago so this is our first time to enjoy Christmas in our new home. I mean that's huge. We've put the Christmas tree up and have been really enjoying Christmassy family movie nights with hot chocolate and tonnes of cuddles. I love all that stuff. There is just a very big part of me that feels anxious a huge amount of the time and a lot of it comes down to making sure I'm doing enough, buying enough and pleasing enough people. Will I ever learn?


Christmas as a pregnant person is definitely a little different. I remember this on my last pregnancy. The day itself is much the same for me because I wouldn't be a massive drinker. I'd usually enjoy one or two drinks if I could but it's no big deal really.

Little things are different though. I'm still finding my groove again with what I want to wear so finding my Christmas outfit remains to be decided upon. I want something comfortable but then I'd be lying if I said I wasn't gravitating towards something even a little bit figure hugging because I'm getting rounder by the day.

Eighteen weeks right now and starting to look forward to the "big scan". I say look forward to but even writing that fills me with worry because it's just a big deal isn't it? It's the scan where people often hear about abnormalities or problems and I really hope our little baby is happy and safe.

A Partner’s Perspective

This week, our son is getting increasingly affectionate with his mother. He was kissing the bump and is starting to have a greater understanding that his new brother or sister is coming. Our son was largely responsible for this pregnancy and asked us for months for a new sibling. He's so excited and it is wonderful to see!

Our Midwife’s Advice

Have you felt little butterflies in your tummy? Between now and week 22 you will feel your little baby start to move. This can feel strange to begin with, but most women love it as it's. a real sign there is a little person in there. However, if you don't' feel anything, don't fret. Depending on where your placenta is located, this might mask the movement you feel. You can ask where your placenta is when you have your "big" scan in the next few weeks.

For your comfort, it's very important that you wear clothes that support your bump and your boobs and growing body. Make sure your bra fits and that you are wearing clothes that don't feel too tight or restrictive. If you can, get as much rest as possible. It's hard work growing a human! If you wish as this stage you can talk to your work about your pregnancy, making sure that whatever you do doesn't in any way negatively impact on your pregnancy. There is some great information on the Workplace Relations website on your different entitlements and protections. Give it a read and know your rights.

Week 18

Our Wellness Tip of the Week

Keeping a reflective journal about your pregnancy may prove helpful. Not only will it help you to "tune in" to your pregnancy more, but jotting down any fears or anxieties you have may help to relieve them. Pick up a pen and give it a go!

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