20 Summer Inspired Baby Names To Fall In Love With

Expecting a baby in the summer? These names would be perfect for any little girl born in the summertime.

Trying to choose a baby name can be a complete minefield for any mum or dad-to-be. Afterall whatever you choose, it is something they will carry with them for the rest of their life and of course, you want them to love it just as much as you did when you named them. 

So if you're expecting a baby over the summer months and want to choose something a bit seasonal, get inspired by some of these beautiful summer-themed names that you may just fall in love with. Here are our favourite sunny names for girls to choose from: 

  • Sunny - sometimes used as a nickname, the popular English name brings a sense of free-spiritedness.
  • Eden - a classic summer baby name that has been on the rise for a number of years. The name comes from the Garden of Eden, which means “a place of pleasure and delight.”
  • Skye - a gorgeous unisex name with a beautiful fresh feel.
  • Dahlia -  a summer flowering perennial, originating from Mexico.
  • Daisy - a retro floral name but a cool name for any baby girl, meaning “day's eye”.
  • Ivy - an increasingly popular name after the evergreen climbing tree.
  • Meadow - a pretty name meaning “field of grass”.
  • Lily - an extremely popular elegant English name and a symbol of innocence, purity and beauty.
  • Pearl - the birthstone of June.
  • Jasmine -  Aladdin fan? Jasmine is a hugely popular classic summer scent, making it perfect on all levels. 
  • Lucy - a name which literally means “light”.
  • Isla - a beautiful name with a summery breezy feel to it.
  • Birdie - an old English name meaning little bird, perfect for a summertime baby.
  • August - the last month of summer.
  • Brooke - a simple but stunning summery name meaning “stream” or “running water”.
  • Rae - just like a ray of sunshine, what's not to love?
  • Aurora - The Roman goddess of dawn, the Latin for “sunrise” and of course, a Disney princess. 
  • Ruby - is the birthstone for the month of July. 
  • Summer - an obvious choice for many, but still a classic, all the same. Summer is a simple but stunning baby name for any little lady.

 Have you any stunning summer names to add to our list? 


Kellie Kearney

Kellie Kearney is a Dublin mammy of five kids aged newborn right up to nine. She loves coffee, cloth nappies, travel and sharing her every day true to life family moments on Instagram.

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