Cute Baby Name Ideas For Your Spring Ray Of Sunshine

Spring has finally sprung! Well, judging by the snow currently falling outside our windows, it may still feel like winter is still here.

Nevertheless, we'll keep it traditional. The arrival of February normally brings with it a somewhat warmer climate, flowers beginning to bloom, and the start of lambing season. No doubt there will be many new babies due this season too, and so you might want some spring baby names to give you a little inspiration.

Here's our list of some of the cutest little baby names to consider, if you have a baby due this spring season.

Spring baby names for girls

April - One of the best months of the year can also be used as one of the cutest names for your little girl.

Blossom - Spring is the season when many flowers begin to bloom, and so will your little one when she's given this name.

Celeste - Meaning "heavenly" or "celestial" in Latin, Celeste is a powerful name to consider this season.

Danica - Derived from Slavic, meaning "morning star", Danica has a close bond with the planet Venus.

Dawn - As the sun begins to rise earlier each day, Dawn is the perfect option for those who love to watch the sunrise in the morning.

Lily - From its Greek origins, Lily has become a symbol of purity and elegance in the modern-day.

Rose - Another option for those who can't get enough of the bloom this time of year, Rose has become a trendy name for a new generation.

Sabrina - From Celtic origins, Sabrina is a bewitching name with the option of having alternatives such as Sabina and Serena too.

Spring baby names for boys

Ash - Can be used for a boy or a girls name, the name comes from the Ash tree. It can also be lengthened to "Asher" if desired.

Bram - A shortening of Abraham, Bram is a charming yet unusual name, perfect for a little boy this spring.

Brook - Another one that can be used for either sex, Brook is a small stream. An alternative would be to add an "e" to the end, creating Brooke.

Dennis - Hopefully your Dennis won't be a menace. The name was quite popular in France, where it originally comes from.

Elijah - A Hebrew boys name, an alternative to Elijah can be the Greek name, Elias.

Hazel - A name that has been more typically given to girls, who says that your little boy with hazel-coloured eyes can't be called Hazel too?

Willow - Inspired by the willow tree, this name can be shortened to "Will" should you wish.

Xavier - Spring can mean new beginnings, and with a name like Xavier, which means "new house or bright" in Basque, it's a perfect name for this time of the year.

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