Spring Clean Your Home With These Simple Ideas

Check out our tips for the easiest way to get through your spring clean. 

Spring cleaning is an arduous task that often leaves us feeling anxious more so than energetic. 
Most of the time though this anxiety stems from a feeling of fear that you're about to lose control instead of gaining control. 
It doesn't have to be so terrifying though, and thankfully we have found some simple steps to keep your spring clean as seemless as possible.
  • Plan - plan out what you want to get done and the exact format you plan on tackling your clean. This will ensure you won't get distracted. 
  • Top down - work from the top down It's the easiest, trust us. 
  • One room at a time - we mean if you are to try and go from room to room, nothing will ever be finished. Concentrate on one space at a time, when finished you can move onto the next. 
  • De-clutter - throw away those things that you haven't used or worn in years. There's no reason to hang on.  
  • Take your time - do you want to complete your spring clean or do you want to get it done as quickly as possible with nothing achieved?
  • Team work - it makes the dream work! If you have kids. Make them de-clutter their rooms while you're looking after your own. 
  • Early riser - You'd be surprised how much cleaning needs to be done. Be an early riser and start the day as you mean to go on. 
  • Equipment - before you begin make sure you have a proper vacuum, gloves and all the trimmings. 
Let's get spring cleaning all! 


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