Beautiful And Unique Irish Baby Names

Are you looking for exotic-sounding Gaelic names? Searching for something more unique and unusual other than the likes of Aoife, Siobhán, or Oisín?

Here we have listed ten unique Irish baby names for both boys and girls with pronunciations, and meanings to help you narrow down the search and find the perfect name for your growing bump in no time. 

Irish names for girls

  1. Ailbe (Alby) - A cute unisex name which comes from an Irish Saint meaning “white hawk”.
  2. Síohmha (Shee-va) - A name derived from “síth-maith” which means “good peace”.
  3. Róinseach (Rone-shach) - An unusual feminine Irish name meaning “seal”.
  4. Ríona (Reeona) - The name derives from Regina, and it means “queen”, a perfect for royalty. 
  5. Saoirse (Seer-sha) - A popular name that has strong patriotic overtones which means “freedom”.
  6. Fiadh (Fia) - meaning 'wild' or 'wild deer'. It comes from the word fiadhúrla, which translates to wildlife.
  7. Tuiren (Tir-en) - This Celtic name is most commonly known from the younger sister of Fionn Mac Cumhail’s mother who was famed for her beauty. 
  8. Bébinn (Bay-vin) - An ancient Irish name and the mother and daughter of Brian Boru. It means “fair lady”.
  9. Céibhfhionn (Kay-von) - The name of an Irish goddess of inspiration meaning “fair locks” in Irish Gaelic.
  10. Cailín (Call-een) - A variant of the name Colleen which simply translates from Gaelic to mean “lass” or “girl”. 

Irish names for boys

  1. Cuan (Coo-an) - A cute name meaning “little wolf”  or “little hound”.
  2. Ruadhán (Roo-awn) - Taken from the name Ruadh which means “red” or “red-haired”. It is the name of an Irish saint, which can sometimes be found spelt Rowan.
  3. Odhran (Oh-ran) - A popular name in Irish history meaning ”little pale green one”.
  4. Fiachra (Fee-kra) - This name comes from St. Fiachra and means “raven”. 
  5. Cael (Kale) - A sweet and straightforward name means “slender”, and in Irish mythology, Cael was a legendary warrior and a member of Na Fianna.
  6. Ruaidhri (Rurr-ee) - The meaning of the name is “red-haired king” and in English is pronounced Rory.
  7. Tadgh (Tie-geh) - An English version of Timothy meaning “a poet”.
  8. Donnchadh (Don-aka) - A Gaelic baby name meaning “dark warrior”.
  9. Seanán (Senn-an) - A diminutive of Sean and the Irish version of John. It means “little wise one”.
  10. Coillte (Kolye-te) - An unusual name which translates to “woods” or “forest”.

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