Truths about being a young parent to a teenager!

Having a child when you are barely an adult yourself is terribly hard but fast forward 13/14 years and it is like a game of cat and mouse! 

Whether you realise it or not being a young parent to a teenager is a little bit of a struggle at times. Having a child when you are barely an adult yourself is terribly hard but fast forward 13/14 years and it is like a game of cat and mouse! Here are some truths about being a young parent to a teenager - I know! I am one.
  • For the lassies people may assume you are sisters and nothing will rile up your teenager more than been likened to you! It doesn’t generally even have to be just mothers and daughters as my teenage daughter has had many a question wondering why she brings her brother (her dad) to her football games! Her friends assume she has an angel of a brother who coaches the team and because he can run up and down while training it only adds to their assumptions!
  • Parents that are young enough themselves are more than able to keep up with trends and social media goings on and this annoys my teen too! Apparently, all the other parents don’t know how to work Instagram or snap chat so therefore they don’t interfere in their personal space but for my poor teen her mammy is all over it! Nothing gets past me and as a fan of social media myself there is nothing my teen can hide from me without me knowing about it!
  • While it is all fun and games having a teenager while you are young yourself, there will be a huge amount of “looks” and questioning stares! I can say for the record that answering a woman with “I was an early starter!” is not the way to go and it only added to the woman’s dismay when I giggled foolishly… I was going to add about how I was always ahead of the class and liked to excel at everything I did but she was gone like a bullet!
  • Saying that being a young parent to a teenager can be quite lonely at the parent teacher evenings or meetings as most of the other women and men may know each other already from their older kids leaving you out. Looking young may also leave you isolated and you may find it hard to make mom friends as easily as the other parents. Some people will avoid you because they assume you wouldn’t have anything in common yet you all do-your kids for one!
  • You may get along but you can never be best friends as you are indeed parent and child still regardless. You may like the same music and enjoy certain pastimes but you must always be a parent first and foremost to your teenager.
  • Socialising together whether you want to or not may inevitably happen in the future especially if you are from a small town. There may be only one good bar/nightclub and embarrassingly you might bump into each other! No teen wants their parents around while they have fun but nor does a parent want their teen seeing their questionable dance moves. This is a lose/lose situation!
The struggle is real!
By Emma Hayes, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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