The importance of family time together.

Family time is a good way to build bonds between you and your children and to stay connected to one another.

As family life is busier than ever it is easy to forget to spend quality time together as a family and while you may have meals together and watch TV you may not be paying each other proper attention. The use of mobile phones means most times family are scrolling through their phones in the evening and not really communicating with each other ever. Family time is so important and though it may not be possible to have quality time every single day you should aim for weekly family time where you pay all your attention to each other.
Family time is a good way to build bonds between you and your children and to stay connected to one another. Quality time together brings families closer and spending time together as a family is important for building strong family ties, making lifelong memories and creating an environment that builds self-esteem and character in children. When asked, children say the number one thing they want most from their parents is time and some kids would rather a few hours with their parents than a new toy. A family who spend time together are less likely to argue over petty things and have a good relationship therein.
Furthermore, studies show that when families spend quality time together, the chance of children getting involved in dangerous activities drops dramatically. Kids who play with their families usually get better test results and perform better as a whole. Simply spending time as a family can help them experience better emotional well-being and reach for higher future expectations. Family time also teaches your child how to behave well socially and their relationship with you is their first one and it guides them in how to make friends throughout their lives.
Family time encourages children to use team work, appreciate each other and doing things that everyone enjoys shows them how to respect others. Spending time with you means they are learning in a safe and supportive environment and through time spent together they are problem solving while learning how to engage in conversations maturely and respectfully.
Importantly family time allows you to get to know your child better and learn their strengths and weaknesses so you can work together to do the best you can in life. You will enjoy the company of your child and they too will you. Doing things together can be fun and making meals, playing games or going for walks gives you a chance to chat to your child and in these moments, is when you will learn most about your child.
Children generally can hold back on their feelings but during family time and while having your undivided attention they will share a bit of their worries or tell you about their day. Being involved in your kids’ lives will ensure they always feel a part of a big unit as a family and no matter what rows occur that you can all come together and be a family like you are meant to be. 
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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