The bond between mother and daughter. Is it the greatest?

The between mother and daughters is often talked about and how a mother becomes a friend to a daughter as the years pass.

The between mother and daughters is often talked about and how a mother becomes a friend to a daughter as the years pass. They say it is a bond like no other but I would have to intercede and say that while the bond is an incredible one it isn’t any more special than a mother and sons bond or that of a father and daughters and quite frankly we shouldn’t want it to be. A bond between a mother and daughter isn’t just built on a mix of genetics and DNA but a common love of similar things and in turn each other.
I am the mother of two daughters and I have heard many say about the bond between mothers and sons but this isn’t one I can comment on as I haven’t and will never have a son. The bond I share with my two daughters is completely different such is their diverse personalities. They are complete opposites yet it doesn’t mean my love or adoration is any different to either one of them. They both illuminate my world in a way no one ever will and they each make me smile, laugh or cry (They are girls after all; Drama!)
My eldest is now a teenager, a young lady who is flexing her independence muscles along with transforming into a somewhat grumpy monster that for a time I didn’t recognise. Through that I have had to accept the changes and spend every day working on our relationship to avoid conflicts and it isn’t always easy though she is overall a good kid. Our bond is still as strong as ever though she doesn’t rely on me like she once did I know she looks to me for support but in fairness she does too to her father and their shared love of everything sporty means they are joint together in a cute way and I love that.  
The youngest is at a lovely age when she believes that I am the best person in the world and she is my little shadow who follows me everywhere. She cries if I’m not there at bedtime or if I miss the school run and I saviour every moment more so then I did with my eldest because I know it will end. Years ago, I didn’t realise how quick your kids grow and how the tiny hands that never leave yours do so secretly and gradually.
Say all you like about bonds but for every parent whether you have a girl or boy your love for your child is obvious. Common hobbies will connect you further as will interests and I believe a bond isn’t guaranteed no matter if it is a mother and daughter or a father and son. A relationship within a family will always take work with a little consideration for each other, and a bond (no matter how strong it may be) can easily fracture.
A bond is ultimately what you make it and though there is a lovely bond between mothers and daughters it is just as strong as a mother and son or a father and daughters I bet?
Just keep loving each other x
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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