How Do You Get Your Kids To Pay Attention?

Are you wondering how you can get your kids to pay attention or are you fed up with their innate inability to ignore simple instructions because they are too busy in the land of daydream? 

Are you wondering how you can get your kids to pay attention or are you fed up with their innate inability to ignore simple instructions because they are too busy in the land of daydream? Every parent wants their kiddie to do as they are told but you know how it is, kids are kids after all! It is vital parents know that kids have short attention spans and their brains aren’t trained to achieve listening intently for too long – therefore, kids start school around 5 years old. Consequently, some kids struggle in their junior years because they can’t keep full attention on a subject for a significant amount of time. How do you get kids to pay attention? Here are our tips:
Speak to your child without distractions
The reality is you are at nothing if your child is watching TV, playing on devices or making Lego. They may seem like they are paying attention to you, but they won’t be, and this is where problems occur. If you are giving your child instructions about chores or things you are doing it is best if you take all distractions away and sit down with your child. Standing over your child barking orders is not advised but if you give your kiddie eye to eye contact and speak slowly your child will be more likely to process the information you are sharing with them.
Pick your time
Choosing the right time is important too as expecting a child’s full attention near bedtime is not feasible. Kids get tired and as parents. we know too, how hard it is to pay attention to anyone when feeling exhausted. Choose late morning or the early afternoon to chat with your child when they are most aware and alert. 
Don’t over complicate things
For this, you need to give your child the details and information they need to know instead of going into other topics that don’t affect them. It is easy to lose the run of yourself when discussing the need for them to tidy their bedroom but going overboard lessens the chances of your child remembering the conversation you are having. They may remember mum or dad was mad about their bedroom mess but not know how you asked them to fix certain things. Keep conversations simple when your child needs to pay attention. There is plenty of time later in the day for silly and laid-back conversations that your child doesn’t have to pay as much attention to. 
If your child loses focus, start again
Kids can easily lose focus when they see their dog running into the kitchen or when there is a noise outside. Once they become distracted, start again and be patient in ensuring they are listening intently. Don’t forget to ask them to repeat what you have told them.

Work on it
It is a work in progress to get your youngster to pay attention, but practice makes perfect. Give your child little instructions to start with and build on their ability to listen. Don’t berate them for forgetting but teach them ways to remember by using memory games. 
Most kids will struggle with paying attention but in time they should improve on their skills.
Written by Emma Hayes staff writer at FFHQ.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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