Habits that can strengthen your marriage once you have kids.

Marriage isn’t easy and you will find it will test you as a person and together as a unit. 

Marriage isn’t easy and you will find it will test you as a person and together as a unit. If you have kids it will add to the stress of marriage and there are a few things you can do to keep your relationship healthy while being busy with your family…
  • Date nights- You may not be able to have weekly date nights but you should aim to have a monthly night out when you both get dressed up and head out for the night. On a weekly basis, you can have movie nights or watch Netflix for hours over a glass of wine. Anything that gives you some time together and privacy.
  • Honesty- If you want a marriage to work you must be totally honest with your partner. It is imperative to encouraging a good and open relationship between you both and once you start keeping secrets it is the beginning of a downhill struggle. Recovering from the realisation that you were lied to can be hard so avoid it by promising honesty.
  • Be best friends- Of course, you have your own friends but people seem to forget how vital being friends is in order to having a great relationship. If your partner is not the person you want to speak to when you receive good or bad news it maybe you aren’t connected enough and this should be worked on.
  • Communication- To stay bonded you both should communicate daily even when you are both busy in work or apart for days at a time. Make a phone call, skype or text but do anything to be in touch with one another even when you are apart. At home make time to have a little chat when the kids are in bed and put the phones away and give each other attention.
  • Make time for one another- Yes, you are both busy but you should always make time for each other. Your partner may have a big game and make a point of attending and supporting your loved one. It may not be possible all the time but supporting one another’s hobbies and passions is a great way for your love to last forever.
  • Share the housework- This is vital as more arguments start because a person feels like they are taken advantage of in the home. Do your bit for each other and make it fair.
  • Look after the kids together and separately- Same goes for the kids if you are away ensuring your partner steps in and fills your role and vice versa. You are both the parents and not one is ever “babysitting” child care is shared and equal.
  • Do things as a family- Family time is equally important to keeping your relationship healthy as a happy family begins with happy parents. Having a great relationship will encourage family life to be happy and if you follow these tips above with your kids you will have a great relationship with your kids and your partner.
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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