Why working Mums are so amazing

Working Mums work very hard to juggle the balance between home and worklife

Mum’s are amazing and work so hard in the home to ensure everyone in their family is happy. For some Mothers though they have to work outside the home for financial reasons or because they simply love their job and enjoy having a career. Juggling working and Mum duties is incredibly hard and can be overwhelming at times trying to please everyone at home and at work. 
They work extremely long hours, after a long day at work it doesn’t end there. Once home, Mums have many other tasks to do and usually won’t sit down till 9pm and for them it is nearly bedtime
They have to try catch up on house chores all the time, Once the weekend hits the real work starts from piles of laundry to cleaning every part of the house. 
Working Mums will constantly feel guilty and won’t be able to please everyone all the time. From the kids who want Mum to collect them from school to the boss who is not happy about time taken off, you quite simply can’t win at times. 
They worry about quality childcare and fret about whether your children are safe and happy. While at work a working Mum doesn’t switch off (far from it) they are usually checking their phones and arranging playdates and activities. On my breaks I am checking the kids were collected and are safely with the childminder, it never stops.
Working Mums may get some criticism from people about their careers and unwanted advice. I do not need to hear how Phyllis can stay at home with her boys all day, and is really enjoying it. It obviously works for her but there is no other choice for me and yes I have gone through all the options, Thank you. 
Usually Working Mums can’t fit in time for their own hobbies or interest, while doing Pilates is great I am not free at 10am to partake nor in the evening when I am at my busiest. I just get enough time to wash and that is just so I don’t stink in work!
Working Mums have to be so organised and have brilliant time management, or else everything will go to pot. School lunches need to be made, uniforms ironed, after school clothes in a bag (so they don’t dirty their uniforms) and check over homework. If my kids have baking days or bag packing, I need to know well in advance to ensure I can fulfil those duties too, thank god for coffee!
They will try their very best to keep everyone happy, and will neglect themselves to put others first. It doesn’t matter if I am exhausted I will still go and take my Mother out for a few hours and make dinner for the in-laws. 
They will spend their time off at the weekends making it up to their kids for being busy during the week. There is less time for relaxing at the weekend.
Working Mums are exhausted to the point of nearly falling down with tiredness but will never let on. They will still finish all the jobs around the house and read to the nippers while feeling shattered. I will still paint a smile on my face and never let my brood know how utterly exhausted I am, sure it isn’t there fault. It is just life and we have to get on with it! 
Working Mums really are amazing so give yourself a pat on the back, you are doing a great job. 
Written by Irish mummy blogger Emma. 
Check out her blog emmasmadjotters.com

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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