Why Maternity leave is NOT a holiday!

Haven’t all mothers heard how they are going on maternity leave and won’t they love to have the break?! I

Haven’t all mothers heard how they are going on maternity leave and won’t they love to have the break?!
It beggars belief that people assume that maternity leave is like going on vacation, sure you may not have to go to work each day but you will be busy elsewhere. Here are some of the reasons why maternity leave is not a holiday and print it off ready for your colleagues on your last day before maternity leave starts!
  • Being heavily pregnant is not enjoyable- Has anyone been heavily pregnant? Did you not feel the pressure, the heaviness in your legs and the kicking you got from your own tiny child inside you?! It isn’t fun, but it is a special time but one you probably would like to go as fast as possible!
  • So much preparations- Preparing for the birth of your little one is a huge project! The room needs to be perfect (though the kid won’t be in it!) the pram must be amazing and the bedding must be the perfect shade of colour according to your nipper’s sex. Then there are all the bags needed for the hospital and boy is it a trying time! Packing to go into hospital and have a load of pain… I’d rather pack for a holiday to be honest!
  • Recovering from giving birth- Whether you have a natural birth or a C-section you will need to recover from giving birth and it will be tough. Along with minding your new baby you will have to contend with a sore a*&! Yes, harsh but honest!
  • Baby business- Life with a baby is the busiest you ever will be between feeding, cleaning and dressing your baby the days will fly by. There will be little time for reading or watching TV so I don’t know why maternity is regarded as a vacation considering there is no time for a break.
  • Virtually no sleep and no rest- A new baby means little sleep and even if your baby is a good sleeper you will still need to do nightly feeds along with everything in between.
  • Zero time for lunch dates or girlie fun- You may get out once a month for a bit of “me time” but otherwise your role will be hanging at home with your baby and drinking coffee to get through the day as well as you can.
  • No time for the beach or sun lounging- Even if the weather is beautiful getting out in it is another thing altogether. Your baby can’t sit in the sun for hours and you cannot read on a sun lounger while your baby sits, inside; can you?!
  • Exhaustion as you run around after your little one- Vacations are for relaxing, refuelling and refreshing your brain but maternity leave is none of those things. It will be rewarding and special but you will be exhausted. You will not return to work with the glow like after a holiday so there is absolutely no way maternity leave is anything like a holiday; far from it!
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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