When A Bargain Doesn't Matter

7 things I'll never compromise on for my family

Myself and my friends are generally all about the bargains these days. Since becoming parents every cent counts and picking up a bargain makes a HUGE difference. It's often the case with the food shopping and taking advantage of clothes sales when it comes to kitting out the children for each season. Hand-me-downs are also very well-received.
There are some things that I just can't seem to compromise on though. I think we all have these things that we like to be of a certain standard. My list will be different to the person sitting beside me.
I find it funny that I'll purposefully look for all the best offers on a weekly basis and yet when it comes to these things I am fussy about particular brands.
Anyone else?
  • What we wash our clothes with. It pains me to fork out the extra few bob but I genuinely notice a huge difference between the more expensive mainstream brands and the discount brands. I do my entire weekly shop at the discount brand store and yet I will specifically go to a different supermarket for the more expensive detergent. Granted I will try pick it up when it's on special offer but to me it really makes a difference to how the clothes wash and smell. Go figure!
  • Berries. I've had to many arguments (in my head) about berries. We are massive berry eaters and the ones in our regular discount brand shop are a lot cheaper. Happy days, right? Well not when they go off after a day, half the punnet is mouldy and they have a sour taste. I recently bit the bullet and started picking up a well known Irish brand and they quality difference is unbelievable.
  • Take away. We get a take-away every Friday. I can regularly be found searching for an online discount code but I always go for the take-away that I've found to be fresher and of better quality. I realized that going for the cheaper option was pointless when we were enjoying it less. I'd rather less of the good stuff. Seriously though, Thai food is expensive!
  • Snacks for my son. The discount supermarkets need to get on this but I find myself going to larger supermarkets to specifically pick up a box of a certain snack bar for my toddler son. It has no junk or added sugar and is packet with organic fruit. I would be delighted if a similar product was stocked where we do out regular shop but what's on offer there is full of sugar. I'm not super strict about treats or anything, but I like to have a supply of healthier snacks.
  • Avocados. How annoying is it when “ripe and ready” is neither ripe not ready. I quickly discovered which supermarket stocked the genuinely ripe Avocados so if they take our fancy I head straight there to pick them up.
  • Bath products for my son. The mainstream products irritate his eczema so we go for the more expensive brand that has proven to be super gentle to his delicate skin. Has to be done. I'll happily use the €1 stuff from our regular supermarket. Smells amazing and does the job.
  • Pre-made baby food. Our son eats what we eat 99% of the time but if we are stuck and need to pick up a pre-made dinner or jar I always go for the organic brand that has less salt, sugar and preservatives in it. It's more expensive but for the rare time that we use them I feel happier purchasing the healthier brand.
So there we have it. I am a serious bargain hunter and budgeter so even I was surprised to see that there are still quite a few products that I tend to spend a little more on.
I'd love to know what yours are! 
Written by Tracey, mummy blogger and staff writer with www.familyfriendlyhq.ie
Check out her own blog at love-of-living.blogspot.ie

Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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