These are the secrets to balancing working and parenting (in an ideal world)

If only it was this easy

There are some “secrets” on working and parenting. Of course, you may not be aware of them but they are simple. Doing these things will ensure your life is as easy as pie and working will be a breeze with the kids. (Well in theory anyway) 
Work for a couple of hours a day- Sure, your boss won’t mind! Working for a few hours a day and taking home a full time pay packet is the way to go. Why should anyone work longer? This is the perfect amount of time to free up your day!
Tell your boss to back off if they are being difficult- Your boss should understand that you are a busy parent juggling everything so if they get a bit out of control tell them to back off! Stand your ground firmly and take no heed of the boss. They know you are right anyway! 
Netflix- When you do get home and the kids are annoying you for attention send to the nearest screen and let them watch Netflix for hours. It won’t do them any harm really! Don’t worry about screen time as you are a busy parent. 
Stuff things away- Anything that is out of place or looks messy throw it into the nearest cupboard or wardrobe. Be careful when opening them the next time though as you will probably get hit with something! 
Get a cleaner- You need a cleaner to tidy up after breakfast and to help with washing, polishing and hoovering. You cannot do that and work as it is too hard. Get a cleaner and the job is done quickly. How can you possibly clean and work while minding the kids anyway?!
Hire a chef- The chef is needed for the healthy meals you are expected to serve your child. If you are working you will struggle to make fresh dinners each day. A chef will ensure everyone eats well and it ensures you can post up perfect photos of your family’s meals. 
Have a fashion guru- To attend work in good condition you should get your own stylist to get you out the door beautifully. No one wants to be wearing last years must have shoes and a stylist won’t allow it! Also, you know the kids will demand attention leaving you little time to get dressed properly. 
Go to the hair salon and nail technician every week- Get your hair done to give you more time for you and getting the nails, one means you can play with the kids without chipping a nail. 
Ask Mary Poppins to stay- Everyone needs a top nanny like Mary Poppins who can get the kids to bed in a jiffy. She will chase the kids to bed, cuddle them and read them stories while you catch up on other things. 
Have the best-behaved kids in the world- You know the type of kids that never answer back or question you? That’s the kind of kids you need to be able to work and parent too. There is absolutely no time for messing. 
So, there you have it the secrets is to have a chef, stylist, friendly boss, well-behaved kids and Mary Poppins! Then you will be able to do it all well! 
*Yes, I know that isn’t possible, I am merely showing how bloody hard it is and how we do all the things above every single day leaving us wrecked and it is easy to see why!  
Written by Emma Hayes staff writer for Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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