The struggles of a parent working from home

Juggling a workload and kids is no joke

Working from home seems like the dream, right? No commuting and no bosses over your head and the freedom… However, the reality is quite different especially for parents who struggle to juggle their workload and their kids. Mastering it isn’t at all easy but with a few tips listed here that we have accumulated over the years in our working from home positions you will be on the right track!
Prepare food days ahead of time- You may be at home during the day but that doesn’t mean that you will have lots of time to cook fresh meals each day. Stick to the routine you had when you worked outside the home and continue to prepare dinners ahead of time or freeze food that is prepared on the weekend. 
Get up early- Saving commuting time? Perhaps, consider utilising that time to your advantage and getting ahead with the kid’s lunches, school prep or sending a few emails. This will give you some extra time later when the pressure is on!
Ask for help when you need it- You cannot be expected to care for the kids and do your job at home. Don’t try to be a martyr and juggle it all as something will have to change. The kids will begrudge you ignoring them while you work and on the other hand you may have to work later at night as you spent time with the kids during the day. Getting the right balance is key and knowing when to get a caregiver for the kids so you can do your job and be a better parent. 
Make rules and stick to them- Allocate yourself your office somewhere and from the get go explain to the kids that this is your area and you shouldn’t be disturbed. Between emails and calls it is impossible to manage the kids too so don’t try to. 
Have daily “quiet time” for the kids- In the evening get the kids to have quiet time so you can catch up on a few chores and get dinner on the table. Once all the tasks are done you can spend time with the kids and let it be quality time. 
Get your partner involved- Working from home sometimes gets a bad rep for being easy but your partner needs to know that this isn’t the case and that you need help. 
Talk to your kids- While you work from home the kids need to have some ground rules on what is expected of them while you work and how important it is to you. They may not totally get it, but they should know that while you may be home, that you are not there to play with them and must work till later. 
Be prepared to change your ways- You must be strict with yourself to work from home as it is easy to lose track of yourself. Also, the work/home life is questioned as the two are connected. It is hard to switch off in the evening as it is too easy to work on, but you must to give yourself some rest. 
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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