Have to bring your child to work or an appointment? How to get through the day…

It's not ideal but can happen us all at some stage

It isn’t ideal but sometimes if your child is off school or you may have been let down by a minder you may have no choice but to bring your youngster to work or an appointment with you.
Depending on your child’s age this may be incredibly difficult, so as we understand the struggle we here at Family Friendly have put together the definitive guide to getting through the day at work as well as keeping your kid and your boss happy!
  • Give your boss jor the person you are meeting the heads up- No one will be happy if you arrive into work with your kiddie in tow unless you have given them a heads up. At least you can give your boss the option to let you stay at home and work there if possible. It means there will be no stern looks or questionable stares upon your arrival into work later in the morning. 
  • Talk to your kiddie- If your child is old enough you should have a good chat with him over breakfast telling him how important it is that he behaves while you work. A little bribery helps so maybe promise that you will treat your youngster later if they behave well throughout the day. 
  • Plan for every moment of the day- As much as you can plan for the day ahead, if you have meetings consider how to occupy your child during that time and how to get through a presentation. 
  • Get prepared- To get through the day you will need toys, crayons, books, snacks and probably a bit of technology time too. Now is not the time to put restrictions on tablet time especially if it means you can get your work done. If you have extra time in the morning drop into the shop and grab your nipper a special lunch or magazine making the day exciting and special. Don’t forget earphones for tablets! 
  • Introduce your kiddie- Once you get into the office introduce your kiddie to some of your colleagues to better acquaint them and who knows maybe someone will help you later minding your nipper. The more charming your kid is the better!
  • Give your kid jobs and make it fun- There are only so many things your child can do but try as much as possible to include them. Get them to drop documents over to you, teach them how to fill the paper tray or how to photocopy stuff! 
  • Pay your little one attention- It won’t be easy juggling but every so often you should look at your kiddie and smile or include them in your work. Tell them you are doing something hard and ask for their opinion, sure it may be silly but it means you kid feels involved and therefore will be distracted. 
  • Promise a treat after work and stay true to your word- When the day is over you should thank you kiddie for their co-operation and hopefully it was a good day.
Written by Emma Hayes, Staff writer at Family Friendly HQ 


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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