Christmas Recycling Tips That Will Save You Money

I’m no eco-princess but we cannot ignore the fact that Christmas brings with it a huge amount of waste.

This may evoke a bit of eye-rolling but this stuff is important. I’m no eco-princess but we cannot ignore the fact that Christmas brings with it a huge amount of waste and there is a responsible way to get rid of that waste. There are so many benefits to recycling properly and having a plan in place to deal with the huge amounts of cardboard, wrapping paper and packaging that come with the copious amounts of Christmas gifting.

Having a recycling plan means that you will save money. Recycling, for the most part, is completely free. Why would you throw a massive amount of recyclable items into the normal bin that is charged by weight and already full from the regular bins?
Take advantage of the recycle bins and facilities in your area to save money and, you know, the planet.

Having a recycling plan also means that the huge amount of rubbish is less likely to majorly stress you out.
You know that transformation that happens on Christmas morning? The one where your living room goes from a beautiful present display to an absolute bomb site in about 2.5 seconds?
That can be easily remedied if you grab some bags, pack up all the recyclable materials and store them in another room until you can deal with them. It’s OK because you have a plan for them.

We’ve got some general Christmas recycling tips that should save you time, money and stress. You are welcome.

1. Did you know that there is a very strong chance that there is a bring centre not so far from your house? They are run by the County Councils and are usually completely free for recycling products. Imagine huge bins that crush cardboard boxes for you. You can dispose of huge amounts of cardboard, paper and plastic for free. Just remember you cannot recycle polystyrene.

2. You know all of those Christmas cards you received this year? Well did you know that lots of people cut out some of the images and sections to save as gift tags for the following year? Genius!

3. Remember that you must responsibly dispose of batteries. You’ll probably build up a huge amount over the festive period. Most shops that sell batteries have a battery recycling facility. Store them in a container and avail of it towards the end of the holidays.

4. Rather than opening them and them being destined for the bin, save unwanted gifts until next year when they can be re-gifted to someone who would love them. Or alternatively, donate them to the local charity shop. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

5. Send E-cards next year. It saves you money and a tonne of paper will be saved too. Think of the trees!

6. Don’t forget to use the compost bin. There will be a huge amount of food waste that should be sent to the brown bin. If you’ve never used it properly before now is a very good time!

7. Don’t forget the Christmas tree. Check out your local services to see which Christmas tree recycling services are being offered so you can plan your visit ahead of time and while you have the time. Some of them will shred the tree into woodchips which you can use for your compost heap or for your garden. These services may be free or have a small fee. You can also avail of a company that will collect it from your home and dispose of it responsibly.

8. Try to re-use gift bags, ribbons and accessories as much as possible. It saves on waste and it is will be a great thing to stumble across next year when the festivities start again and you don’t have to repurchase those things.

Tracey is a happy mammy to four-year-old Billy. She is a breastfeeder, gentle parent and has recently lost five stone so healthy family eating is her passion! You can find her at



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