Spending Christmas Day In Your Pjs Is A Wonderful Thing

These are the reasons why I think staying home in pyjamas for the whole of Christmas Day is totally acceptable.

I was recently comparing Christmas plans with my friend and she made a comment about how “boring” her Christmas was in comparison to mine. We do a huge amount of visiting and the day is pretty much go, go, go from morning until evening.
St. Stephen's Day is usually a day of relaxing. My friend does things completely differently. She told me that they’re “totally boring and stay in their Pjs for the whole day watching movies and scoffing chocolate and cheese”.
I think she pretty much described my dream day right there. It made me laugh because we both saw each other’s plans as totally lovely.

Christmas Day has always been a busy one for our family. I think it always is when you have a big family.
I am one of five (my husband says I like to get that into every conversation, but it’s relevant here) and my extended family, cousins etc are all really close. We happen to be really good friends and love spending time together.
A couple of years ago a family breakfast ritual was born. It stuck and is something we have done ever since. We do a family Kris Kindle and breakfast is a great way for us all to see each other and exchange gifts before we all separate and do our own specific family traditions.
For years this was followed by visiting my dad. That’s the thing about being from a “broken family” - there are a lot more people to see and please and logistically it can be a bit stressful.
Then you get married, gain a whole new extended family and that is when things get really complicated. Christmas Day is BUSY. By 9pm on Christmas night when I’ve had my third dessert, I finally allow myself to take a deep breath and even though it’s been lovely I feel a sense of relief that I’ve done everything and can relax.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side but these are the reasons why I think staying home in pyjamas for the whole of Christmas Day is totally acceptable, and actually sounds quite wonderful. A girl can dream... 
  • Pjs are comfortable. Comfortable people are happy people. Happy people get along better and have a better Christmas. Fact.
  • Staying at home means that the kids can actually play with their toys for the day. Do you remember being a kid and having to leave your brand new toys for hours of saying hello to relatives?
  • You save money on Christmas clothes. I do love seeing everyone dolled up but the expense and the effort is real.  Is it worth it or is it just extra pressure?
  • Is there anything better than snuggling up with your kids watching movies? Now imagine doing it with kids that have just received exciting presents and are particularly happy. Serious snuggle zone!
  • You will actually talk to each other, share stories and play games rather than a military operation and tonnes of mini arguments as you ship the whole clan in and out of the car a million and one times.
  • You don’t have to worry about your clothes not fitting you after all that Christmas day eating. Pjs totally have your back here – eat away my friend!
  • Being in your Pjs means that the lines are blurred between yesterday, tomorrow, today and tonight. You know what that means? Nap whenever you want. Christmas Day naps are life.
  • Pj days mean “off duty”. It means people can fend for themselves and anything goes. It’s pretty much the opposite of our regular day-to-day life and for that we love it.

Tracey is a happy mammy to four-year-old Billy. She is a breastfeeder, gentle parent and has recently lost five stone so healthy family eating is her passion! You can find her at www.loveofliving.ie.


Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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