Signs that your book club hobby is actually about escaping the kids!

A great way for people to get together and share their love for literature..and also a fab excuse to be child free for a couple of hours a week

Who doesn’t love a good book club? Hitting the books on a weekly basis and enjoying reading the story and ultimately analysing the fundamentals of the book.
It is also a great way to meet friends and socialise in a nice relaxed environment. However you may be telling porkies and not be the committed reader you claim to be to your Husband and it may be that it is your only escape once a week! And sure what is the harm in that? So here are a few signs you may be using the “book club” to have a couple of free hours minus the kiddies.
  • You don’t actually read (much) - Sure you love a book now and again, but to read one a week? No way! You would be lucky to get through one a month. 
  • No matter why you run out the door- If there is a little sibling argument or disagreement going on you don’t care, you literally bolt for the door as it is “book club”! Your partner may pass you a disapproving look but he doesn’t cancel golf for an incident at home and he can handle the kids no bother to him!
  • You arrive too early- You are the one that arrives before time and when the hostess comments on it you plead stupidity and that you looked at the clock wrong! As if? If you hadn’t left the house when you did, world war three would have broken out so best to leave before the battles begin! 
  • Upon arrival you just sit down on sofa quietly- The hostess isn’t ready and the others haven’t arrived yet but you love the peace and tranquillity. You can sit there and scroll through Facebook and no one is squealing for help or demanding things.
  • The chips, dips, sweets and drinks are the best- At home you can’t gorge on sweeties, chips and have a cup of coffee without interruptions however here (as the hostess kids and Husband are out) there is no distractions.  
  • You pay little attention to the actual reading side of things- While all the others astutely sit around and dissect the book they read last week you are paying little attention and just praying they don’t ask you anything! You nod in agreement and do a fine job of hiding the fact you didn’t read the book and thanks to the internet you know what happened anyway!
  • You don’t offer to hold a book club night- You feign your partner’s job as being the problem as he has to work late at home so he couldn’t be disturbed. It has nothing to do with the fact that this is your only break away and you are not hosting as that is way too much work!
  • You are usually the last to leave- In fact you may have being ejected rudely on occasion but mid night is early people and why can’t we party on? When you arrive home you blame the other book clubbers for going on and on about the book and your partner believes you. If only he knew?!
For now book club is staying and there is absolutely no harm in that! 
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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