How To Spot The Signs Of A Stressed Or Anxious Child

Sadly some kids do suffer more with anxiety and panicking than others

No parent wants their little one to be stressed or anxious but sadly some kids do suffer more with anxiety and panicking than others...
It usually happens spontaneously and there might be reasons for it as just like adults kids can become tired, worried and suffer from burn out. There are a few signs you can watch for and this way you will know if your child needs your help in dealing with their anxiety and there are a few tips on how to get your nipper back to his normal self. 
Changes in their behaviour- If your child is normally happy and upbeat you will definitely notice if they suddenly are an opposite of their former selves. Your child might show signs of being unusually clingy, and tearful when separated from you and might act up if going to school to get your attention. Others might have temper tantrums for no real reason and act up a lot more than usual, and become incredibly stubborn and refuse to discuss why they are behaving as they are which makes for a very difficult situation.
Pay attention to any physical symptoms your child might have- Anxiety and stress can cause many physical ailments and while you may think they are ill at first it may transpire that they are feeling the effects of stress on the body. In some cases children (like adults) may suffer from stomach aches, headaches, and changes in their appetites. Others can also have sleep disturbances with nightmares or terrors becoming a regular occurrence when they weren’t an issue before. One of the more worrying symptoms of stress is if your child starts having panic attacks or seems to be becoming more and more anxious and is trembling at times, and complaining of their heart pounding.
Ways to help:
Firstly you need to talk to your youngster and they might be reluctant but if you are worried this issue won’t go away and it requires your intervention now. For some kids they are reacting to situations like too much school work, pressure, or possible bullying or loneliness. There could be numerous reasons and it could possibly be a multitude of things building up in your child’s mind and causing them to panic. The thing is to recognise the problem and go forward in a positive manner and reduce the stressors in your child’s life. Of course if school work is the problem there is only so much you can do to prevent your kid being overloaded but perhaps work on coping strategies and help your child with their work and share the load as such. Be a good role model and show your kid how to deal with anxiety and stress and think about meditation or yoga, you could even do it together. There are plenty of ways you can help your child and a little exercise and allowing your kid time to relax and enjoy themselves is also vital to their mental health.
Remember to consult a doctor if you are making little or no progress with your child and ensure your kiddie knows that their stress and anxiety doesn’t have to be so bad and there are ways to get through it.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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