Balancing social media and the real world.

For all its positive, social media can be used expansively and sometimes for the wrong reasons.

Social media is brilliant, it enables users to connect with people they know that live close by or on the other side of the world. Used leisurely social media is great fun and a perfect way to share a tiny bit of your life to people. However, for all its positive notes, social media can be used expansively and sometimes for the wrong reasons.
While social media sites were created to be relaxing people are taking on a new way of sharing by oversharing! While not everyone may agree, users are becoming increasingly “share happy” divulging everything and anything they can think of! For most part, it is a harmless exercise but sometimes it is done so badly.
Finding the happy medium of social media and the real world can be difficult but not allowing them to merge too much, gives users a more fun social experience online. When you are a parent it is natural that you may want to share every moment of your child’s life online and lash out when you are in bad form but remember that the friends that live close by are probably more useful for your problem than those behind a keyboard or a tech device.  
We are all used to seeing friends share their issues and problems but in the cold light of day how many of the people who comment the usual ‘Here if you need me hon’ are really ever there for you? It is fair to say that parenting can be lonely at times especially in the early days when isolation can be an issue. It is great to be able to use social media to chat to others and get advice but remember that actual people in front of you may improve your mood more than a screen ever can.
The negatives of social media are people generally share the best things about their lives and this can place an unrealistic expectation on your own life. This can cause you to go on a downward spiral in your mood as everyone’s holiday is posted while you are at home in the rain. In the moments when you need help it may seem unjust to share your thoughts with others as aren’t they living the great life or are happy out? Especially when our brains are becoming trained to communicate behind a screen. It isn’t easy opening up no matter what the situation.  
But you should. Everyone should talk to someone when they need to and while it can be on social media it is always best to see your friends and have a chat. Of course, using social media is wonderful for people that are far away but balancing them both is vital for a good harmony. If you are spending more time online and stuck in your phone consider taking a step back and go and meet some friends. This will prove vital to your children who need to grow up in a world where people still socialise and meet in person rather than through apps.
Balancing this may not always be easy but socialising doesn’t have to be only online as otherwise it maybe you become stuck in a world where no one really knows you or indeed cares.
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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