6 ways to beat new mum isolation

It is lonely and isolating especially if your baby is unsettled and if you are recovering from a difficult birth

Any new mammy will know how hard it is once you are home with your baby and when your partner returns to work.
It is lonely and isolating especially if your baby is unsettled and if you are recovering from a difficult birth. If you have had a C-section you may be unable to drive or lift things which means you will be confined at home away from your workmates or friends. Everyone would like to think you would have ample family around to visit and help but this isn’t always the case which means some new mams are lonely at a time when they should be on top of the world. There are a few ways you can combat mammy loneliness and by all means if it becomes more consider seeing your doctor or speak to your health nurse remember your health is just as important as your baby’s.  
Talk to your partner- If you are lonely and are finding it hard, be honest with your partner and weigh up all your options. You may be able to take time for yourself once your partner is home even if it is just a bath with a book or a chance to watch the soaps. Consider going out as a family once a week to combat feelings of isolation and while you may not feel confident going far alone with your baby once your partner is by your side you both have each other. 
See friends regularly- It may be difficult with a baby but ask your friends to visit you at home if it suits better and don’t worry if your baby is due a feed or is unsettled as babies are babies and you shouldn’t lock yourself away in fear of having someone over while the youngster cries. Alternatively go out for a coffee at a time when your baby predominately sleeps and relax with your pal for a chat. 
Ask family for help- As mentioned above it isn’t always the case that you have family members in your area willing to help but if you do have them around ask them for help. For family who live further away invite them over and ask them to mind your baby while you go out or do some chores. Family usually are delighted to spend time with grandchildren or nieces etc. 
Use online chat forums- The internet allows you to chat to people online anonymously and this is a great way to get some advice or help when you feel you can not divulge to anyone else. Social media also gives you an outlet to chat to friends and family while keeping them updated on your little one. 
Get out and be active- Sitting around the house is not advisable when you have had a baby as a little exercise is great for you and the fresh air is good for your baby too. No one is suggesting you run a marathon but getting out into the world should benefit you both and give you some much needed headspace. 
Look to the future- A baby is only tiny for a short while and the time will pass fast making way for the toddler years when all you will be doing is going to the park or swimming. Nights out may be rare but even if it is only once a month it is something to look forward to. Things will get easier and you are doing a great job. 
Written by Emma Hayes. Emma is a writer with Family Friendly HQ and also writes her own parenting musings over at www.emmasmadjotters.com

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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