What If My Kid Wants To Start A YouTube Channel?

Back in the somewhat innocent era of the 1980s, I would imagine I was talking to my adoring fans who desperately needed to know how I made that perfect sandwich. As I buttered slices of bread and slathered mayo on top of lettuce, I talked to the imaginary camera for that perfect mid-afternoon TV show that played in my mind. I was a star until my older brother came into the kitchen and laughed at my efforts to be famous in my own little head.

The idea of the world hanging on to our every word was just that; an idea, a dream, absolute fiction. These days, the reality of millions of people watching us is an app or a click away. But there is quite a large divide between pretending to have your own show in the privacy of your own home, and broadcasting to an unknown audience on the internet when you are a child. So, what do we do if our kid wants to start a YouTube channel?

What Does It Mean To Have A YouTube Channel?

It goes without saying that kids are very drawn to YouTube and it is wildly addictive in nature. Kids see their favourite YouTubers become more and more popular as they produce and publish entertaining content. It’s no wonder many kids want to start their own channel and push their own creative content out there.

Starting their own YouTube channel can be a fantastic experience for kids as they spread their wings, get creative, share their interests or ideas, and learn the ins and outs of technology.

What Concerns Should We Have?

Our main concern with our kids sharing aspects of themselves and their lives on YouTube is privacy, protection, and the many things that can go wrong online. If you agree to your child starting their own YouTube channel, be sure to have an open conversation with them and keep two-way communication open so that your child keeps you in the loop about content, audience, comments, activities, and any challenges they face.

Things To Know

It’s pretty exciting for our kids when they are given the green light and freedom to set up their own channel, but they need to be aware of simple things such as not wearing their uniform online, disclosing their location, or sharing other identifiable personal information.

Here are some extra things you should know:

  • YouTube does not allow children under 13 to create their own channels or accounts
  • Parental permission is required for children between ages 13 and 17 to open an account
  • A parent can set up a channel themselves and manage and monitor the channel and its content if the child is under 13
  • All content must be in line with YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

Geraldine Walsh

Mum of two Geraldine Walsh happily works from home as a freelance writer chatting about parenting, wellness and mental health.

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