Where To Get Cheap Art For Your Home

Something that can really tie a room together can be so expensive.

Something that can really tie a room together can be so expensive.
Everyone loves an original art piece. It can tie a room together, set the tone of the space or fill up a blank wall. However, redecorating a room can be expensive as it is, and not all of us are keen on paying hundreds for the perfect painting or sculpture.
There is a way to get really lovely pieces without splashing out.
Art courses run from colleges and universities in almost every city. Around this time at the end of the semester there are exhibitions of artists work. These are often open to the public and have very unique pieces on display.
Sometimes the pieces are openly for sale, or you may have to inquire about a price. They tend to be a good but cheaper than professional artists work, and you’re supporting the work of someone trying to move into the in industry.
The National College of Art and Design (NCAD) has their graduate exhibition on 7th – 16th June and their 2nd year fine print exhibition from 16th-23rd May. Purchases and commissions can be made from the opening night onwards. In NCAD the purchases are directly brokered with students via the student desks in each department.
The Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) in Dun Laoighre opens their graduate exhibition on 30th May and is on until 8th June.
There are plenty more if you check out your local colleges, institutes and universities.
Failing this, try online for prints of work you like. Etsy has a whole wall décor page with inexpensive prints and hangings. There also many small artists on instagram who sell cheap prints of their work if you message them, just find an account with a style you like and keep an eye out. @shaneberkery@allymichelle.mcgrath@miraalouand @katiereynolds_artare a few worth taking a look at.
Feature image: NCAD Graduate exhibition 2018
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