Turns Out THIS Bathroom Essential Is A Major Threat To Our Kids

Babyproofing can sometimes overlook the obvious dangers. 

Babyproofing the house is one of the easier tasks of parenting - well at least you'd think so, wouldn't you. 
However, experts are warning that sometimes, we actually overlook the most common and obvious threats to our kids safety.
Accidents happen, we all know that, but sometimes we just need someone else to point out what has been lying under our noses all this time. 
Thankfully, you have us at FFHQ to do that for you - nonetheless, even we were surprised with this latest stat from Mamamia expert, Sarah Hunstead. 
Sarah stated that the majority of bathroom accidents are down to hair straighteners!
Can you believe it? 
Hair straighteners can heat up to 280 degrees in less than 30 seconds, so technically we shouldn't be all that surprised. 
But we do need to remember, most straighteners feature a built-in child lock, so we'll all be double checking our kids can't get near them in future! 

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