Top tips for decluttering your home

Is decluttering your home something that’s constantly on your to-do list?

Is decluttering your home something that’s constantly on your to-do list? Many people feel overwhelmed, anxious and defeated at just the thought. But the decluttering journey doesn’t have to be as bad as you think it will be. In fact, it can be quiet therapeutic. Once started it can actually become quite addictive!
Here are some simple tips to declutter your home:
  • Lists. Make a list of all the places in your home that need decluttering (ooms, presses, drawers, wardrobes etc). Start with the easiest and build yourself up. Make sure to pencil into your week when you will get to it and most importantly give yourself a realistic time frame with realistic goals. When one area is started keep going until its done and tick that off your list. 
  • The four-box-method. This is my go-to method when decluttering my home. The four box method is great for any form of decluttering. Bin, Charity, Keep and Relocate. Put every item in one of the four boxes and leave no item untouched!
  • Don’t let your emotions take control. Decluttering can be an emotional experience for some and most not realising until we begin. For some, it can be very difficult to part with sentimental items. Be ruthless. Think logically, while it is fine to keep a box of sentimental items in your home if some things are not being utilised its time to get rid!
  • Would you replace it? As just discussed a lot of items are kept for sentimental value over purpose. We often don’t want to part with an item and keep it solely for that reason. While decluttering we often find items we even forgot we had. We need to ask ourselves would we replace his item if we lost it?
  • 6 Month rule. Take a moment to think about the last time you used an item. Many of us hold onto items we think we use regularly but in reality, never do. Have you used the item within the last 6 months or has it been longer? If it is gathering dust its time to pass it on!

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