To-Dos: Your Autumn Home Checklist

As we enter the Autumn season this checklist will prepare you and your family for the months ahead.

We’re getting back into the swing of school and routine in September...
After the freedom of the summer, it can be a challenge, but it’s also a welcome change. Soon we’ll be getting cozy indoors and preparing for the less mild months ahead. As we enter the Autumn season this checklist will prepare you for the months ahead.
Bring nature inside.
Pop a few snips from the tree in your garden in a vase and collect acorns and display in a pretty bowl or tray – these tricks make for a quick autumnal space refresh.
Carry out an energy audit.
A home energy audit assesses your home’s energy efficiency and provides specific ideas for improving it. These include upgrading appliances that might be costing you a fortune or boosting insulation. Running an energy efficient home can save you so much on your monthly energy bill.
Print your family photos.
Over the summer you’ve been snapping away each day – and now’s a great time to print them or the likelihood is you never will! It’s so simple and quick to order a photo book or prints with a few clicks of the mouse! The will love it when they arrive and it’s nice to do this while the memories are still fresh for the fun they had! If you save your photos in a cloud-based storage system, taking the time to tag each photo with helpful keywords (like Galway, Summer 2015, Grandma). It will make retrieving the photos you want later so much easier.
Maintain your chimney and heating system.
This is so important from both a safety and efficiency point of view. If you use a wood stove or fireplace, have it cleaned and inspected before using it this Autumn.
Duvets and Throws
Get cozy with Autumn blankets and duverts. This week you can really feel that first nip in the air, so now is a good time to swap out your summery tog duvets and lightweight blankets for thicker, heavier versions.
Create a convenient homework station.
Back to school means back to homework! A clear work surface, a comfortable seat and some nearby storage for school and art supplies will work wonders.
Stock up on candles.
When the light begins to fade earlier in the evening, create a homely, welcoming atmosphere by lighting a few candles around the house. Choose some with your favourite scent. There’s so many to choose from for Autumn and into Winter.
Dust off your cookbooks.
One pot wonders offer comfort food at its best! One-pot stews and casseroles create the perfect hearty family dinner for autumn Autumn and Winter!


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