This Shower Trick Will Have You Decongested In No Time

Hanging eucalyptus in your shower is the latest lifestyle trend that's surging into popularity.

Hanging eucalyptus in your shower is the latest lifestyle trend that's surging into popularity - at least, according to the world of Pinterest.

January is a long and cold month, so what better way to dust off the cobwebs than trying this new trend with many benefits.
Eucalyptus trees give off a wonderfully refreshing and clean aroma, and the oil from the leaves has many health and wellness benefits. And those benefits can be drawn out by the steam from your shower's hot water.

Hanging some fresh branches in the shower creates a mini at-home spa experience and can give you that extra boost when you're feeling sluggish in the morning.
Eucalyptus and steam:
Bringing a few branches of fresh eucalyptus into a steamy shower will activate and release the beneficial oils in the leaves. The combination of steam and eucalyptus will also clear up your airways and congestion as you shower.
Fresh eucalyptus emits a calming and refreshing scent that is welcoming when unwinding after a long, stressful day. Inhaling eucalyptus from the steam may help to alleviate pain, improve mood and relax your nerves.
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How to hang your eucalyptus?
It is incredibly easy to give yourself the healing powers of eucalyptus.
You can pick up fresh eucalyptus in your local flower shop; health food stores also sell it sometimes.
  • Once you have a few eucalyptus branches, use a string or twine to tie them together.
  • Use another piece of twine or string to the end of your bundle and hand it off your showerhead, as close to the wall as you can.
  • Make sure the steam is the closest to the shower head with the leaves hanging downward.
  • Adjust the leaves so they don’t get hit by too much water. This will increase the amount they seep into the steam.
  • Climb into the tub and enjoy your hot shower. You can leave your eucalyptus in the shower for up to one week to enjoy its full benefits.
If you're looking to hop on this wellness trend, you could also buy a eucalyptus plant at any local plant or flower shop.

Note: Fresh eucalyptus may be toxic to cats and dogs, so be sure to keep them away from your pets!

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