Never lose a sock in the wash again

Losing socks has to be one of the most annoying things. Here are a few tricks to prevent it happening.

If your house is anything like ours then there is a black hole at the back of your washing machine or tumble dryer that socks magically disappear into. There is nothing more annoying than folding all of the washing and having a few ‘spare’ socks left at the end of the basket. Well, we have a couple of simple solutions that will ensure that you never ever lose another sock again!
  • Use a garment wash bag. Pop all of your socks into it when they leave your feet and keep them together for your washing machine and dryer. 
  • Only use one type of socks for each person so less matching involved. For each child, choose a colour and stick with it.
  • Pin or clip your socks together Before Washing
  • Create a home for lost socks. Don’t bring them to where you store all of the other socks as they can get lost. Have a bag handy and match any lose socks up.

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