Interior to Steal: Understairs Seating Ideas That Are Inspiring

Incredibly clever use of space

The space under your stairs is perfect for creating a little space of one's own - for a cuppa and a quiet read - it's the ideal nook! Apart from looking fab, it's an incredibly clever use of space.
It's a super place to sit to listen out for the kids if they're resting upstairs or just the place to convert as a little corner in the house that belongs to 'you'. 
We especially love some of these that have a bookshelf and a built-in seat in them- FAB! Also check out these gorgeous under stairs kids playhouses too.
Image from Pinterest
Image from Pinterest
This one doubles as a day bed. Image credit Pinterest
Image credit Pinterest
Image credit Pinterest(imagine what the rest of this house looks like!!)
Image credit Pinterest
Image credit Pinterest

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