How to Make Fairies in a Jar: Simple and Magical!

Ever wanted your own fairy? You can now.

Ever wanted your own fairy?
Today we show you how to make your very own fairy jar using ordinary materials that, with a little bit of imagination, can look just like tiny little fairies!
  • Plan to make your fairy jar in the evening. This DIY project requires glow sticks and as they only glow for a certain amount of time it's best to make this in the evening when it is already dark- our kids don't have much patience, so take my advice on this!
  • Find a jar for the fairies to live in. You can use pretty much any size jar, but the smaller the jar is, the more glow you'll get. You could always use more glow sticks if you only have a large jar. If you can, source a tinted mason jar for maximim impact. Alternatively could tint the jar yourself by mixing a glossy decoupage glue with a few drops of food colouring, and then painting the jar with it.
  • When purchasing the glow sticks, the 6-inch style ones will have better results than the bracelet or necklace ones. You'll need two to three glow sticks, depending on the size of your jar. Check the packaging to see how many hours the glow sticks will shine for before purchasing- some can last for up to 12 hours. Using different coloured glow sticks enhances the effect.
  • Snap the glow stick. This will shatter the glass tube inside the glow stick and release the chemicals that cause it to glow. Carefully cut the glow sticks with some scissors and shake the contents into the jar. Be careful!
  • Sprinkle in some glitter.You can use any type of glitter you have, but iridescent glitter will give you the best results because it will allow the glow to shine through. Star glitter gives a cool effect also.
  • Close the jar tightly and shake it! We also recommend gluing the lid tight so that it can't be opened (for health and safety).
  • Take the jar into a dark room. The glow stick fluid will shine a little in daylight, but for maximum effect let them glow in in a dark room.
This is magical and the kids will love it. 
For an outdoor version - you would create your own Fairy Woodland.

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