How To Declutter Your Home In Five Easy Steps

Are you looking to free your house from all the chaos and take control of the clutter?

There is a beautiful world of freedom behind every cluttered home and as someone who used to be a hoarder, I can totally vouch for minimalist living.

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After years of collecting crap that I never needed I sigh a breath of relief when it comes to house chores because even with five children, I have very little to clean and keeping on top of it all is a dream. 

For me, it took me almost a year to realise that clutter doesn't add any value to your life, in fact, decluttering is about making room for things that really matter to you. 

If you want to be that person, to take control of the cluttered corners of your home, here are five simple steps to get you started:

How to declutter your home in five easy steps:

  1. Let go.

    If it's busted or broken, just get rid. It's time to say goodbye to the clothes that no longer fit, to the kitchen utensils you no longer use and the museum of magazines that you know you are never going to read. If the item serves no purpose, why keep it?

  2. Start slow.

    Decluttering your home can take a lot of effort and thought and for some, it can be an overwhelming process so, for this reason, we recommend you set a goal of thirty minutes per day for however long it takes to sort through your things.  How To Declutter Your Home In Five Easy Steps

  3. Be responsible.

    It can be rather tempting to dump all your unwantables in the bin but do the planet a favour and try to find another home for them first. Sell items of value on second-hand sites or give to a Freecycle group or drop clothes and other items to charity shops. You can bring recyclables to your local Recycling Centre free of charge. 

  4. Give everything a home.

    Everything should have a place. Seasonal clothing and decorations can be stored away in plastic boxes that fit in the attic or neatly under the bed. Baby clothes can be organised by age in space saver bags. Kids toys can live in baskets, on shelves or in a toy chest. And never ever underestimate the power of a messy draw. Sure we all have one, don't we?

  5. Follow the golden rule.

    Kick old habits to the curb and prevent your house from becoming swamped with clutter all over again by following the one-in-one-out rule. What's the point in downsizing on all the duvet sets if you're just going to go out and buy more? If you bring something new into your home, something has got to go. Pay attention to all of the things you buy and ask yourself if it's something you really need.

Happy organizing! 

Kellie Kearney

Kellie Kearney is a Dublin mammy of five kids aged newborn right up to nine. She loves coffee, cloth nappies, travel and sharing her every day true to life family moments on Instagram.

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