How safe is your back garden?

Realistically, think about it? How safe is your back garden?

Realistically, think about it? How safe is your back garden? Have you a shed? Are you a keen gardener? Are you a parent?
If I was to walk into your shed right now, what would I find? When I look at my own I see spray paint, BBQ lighter fluid, petrol and even weed killer. Toys to little eyes.
It's not something we automatically think of. As parents, we assume that because it's in the shed they won't touch it. For some kid's the shed is a playhouse waiting to be explored. It's all a game to them, however, it holds devastating consequences.
There are so many things to watch out for including slug pellets, miracle grow and even cleaning products.
Here are some tips to keep in mind if you have gardening chemicals, diesel or even paints in your shed:
  • Always store products up high where children cannot reach them.
  • Keep any cabinets with chemicals, cleaning products and gardening equipment locked.
  • If chemicals are being used around children when gardening make sure there are supervised at all times.
  • Remind relatives of the dangers of leaving chemicals around and remind them to lock all products away even if there are no kids around that day especially grandparents.
  • Always keep chemicals in their original containers, never use soft drinks bottles for storage.
Accidental poisoning can be prevented by keeping harmful substances out of reach of sight of children although it happens. If your child has been exposed to a chemical do not make them sick or give them anything to drink. Remove the chemical and take it with you. Then call The National Poisons Centre in Beaumont Hospital on 01-8092166 any day of the week between 8am-10pm. They will advise you exactly what to do. 
Save the number in your phone now, you never know when you might need it.

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