Get Your House Ship-Shape Before The School Summer Break!

School’s out for summer! Well, nearly. And if that gives you the fear, then you need to start ticking off your to-do list pronto!

As much as we love having our little monkeys at home, they certainly take up a lot of time and energy. So, if there are household tasks you want to complete (without being bombarded by constant requests for snacks) then now’s the time to do them. Here’s a summer checklist that will leave your house ship-shape.

Happiness Is… A Freshly Cleaned House

While a quick sweep of the floors is straightforward when the kids are at home, there are some tasks that require a little more time and concentration. Make the most of a quiet house and do a deep clean. Items to tick off could include dusting the Venetian blinds, cleaning the windows inside and outside, removing stains on carpets, vacuuming all the crevices in your couch, cleaning inside your fridge, kitchen cupboards and microwave, defrosting the freezer and cleaning the bathroom grout.  

But First, Declutter

We all know how long it takes to leave the house with little ones (especially in the summer), so make life easy and donate any footwear or coats that no longer fit. There’ll be no excuse for anyone giving out that they can’t find their shoes!

The Great Outdoors

Summer is all about making the most of the great outdoors, so organise your outside space now and when the sun shines you can all get out and enjoy it! Cut the grass, clear out the shed and make sure the kids outside toys are easy to reach. Eating outside is much more fun and you don’t need to worry about crumbs; make sure you have a damp-proof blanket for impromptu picnics and plastic tableware that’s kid-friendly. In addition, take the opportunity to clean their water table, sandpit, swings and slide; the more prepared you are now, the more likely you’ll be able to sit down and enjoy an iced coffee uninterrupted!

Back To School

Unfortunately, you have to start thinking about "back to school" before they even break up. Why not do a stock take of school bags, lunch boxes, drinks bottles and pencil cases now so you know what you’ll need to replace. Anything you decide to buy can then be labelled and put away out of reach, ready for the end of August.

Pack It In

If you’re lucky enough to be going away, why not start packing things you won’t need before the holiday now, such as beach accessories, towels, travel-sized toiletries and holiday clothes. There’s nothing worse than staying up till midnight the night before a flight and getting into a tizzy about what to take! Your future self will thank you if you organise what you can now.

Jennie Dennehy

Jennie Dennehy is Mama to two gorgeous boys and is a Writer and Blogger. Her life is full of laughs and Lego and she’s always longing for a hot, frothy coffee.

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