Fabulous and easy ideas for Christmas table centrepiece

Now that the Christmas decorations are nearly up, its onto the preparation for the  Christmas dinner and the dinner table!

Christmas Dinner table decorations can be done very simply with a little imagination. We have put together a few ideas for you which might help
For a simple but stunning  centrepiece, place five or seven thick candles, plain or variety of Christmas colours on a silver tray or a serving dish. Fill in the remaining part of the tray with with cranberries. If you wish uou can also  add some pine cones for a more festive touch. 
Save some of the leftover branches from trimming the tree and place on a serving plate or flat mirror. Place some church candles of different heights and festive items such as holly berries on top. Fake berries and twiggy branches can be put on the bottom. 
Who doesn't love some sparkle at Christmas! Fill a couple of large glass vases with shining tree baubles, stars or other Christmas decorations. Display the vases lengthways along your table or in a cluster together. You can finish by adding some simple white candles or tea lights along the table also. 

Half fill a number of tall glass candle holders (or you can use small vases) with cranberries.  Arrange these in the centre of the table in odd numbers (3,5 or 7) Then place a simple white church candle on top of each making sure that it is secure and wont fall. You could also add a red or gold ribbon around the neck of some of the holders.

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