A brilliant hack if you have a bed wetter in the house

Trust us you will thank us in the middle of the night

Some children wet the bed later in life than others and this can be for a number of reasons. As a parent it can very tiring during the night to console your little one, change their pj’s AND change the bed. A little hack I picked up a couple of years ago from a friend is literally a game changer. It involves layering your sheets so that when your little one wets the bed at night you only need to peel off the first layer. Pop it in a plastic bag and you have fresh sheets underneath. 
  • When making the bed. Place your bed mat (or whatever you are using to protect the sheets as a first layer.
  • Place a fitted sheet over this.
  • Place a second layer of bed mats over the sheet
  • Finally finish with a second fitted sheet. 
  • If, during the night the sheets are wet you only need to peel off the first layer. 

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