8 Ways to Bring Vintage Charm to Your Kitchen

The recipe for nostalgic style made simple 

The recipe for nostalgic style made simple!
These cool ideas can help achieve the look you want without a ridiculously big budget!
Vintage small appliances
Vintage cookers and toasters are all the rage right now. There’s some gorgeous colours available too. DeLonghi and Morphy Richards do some fab ones. 
Vintage tea towels and table cloths
A stack of colourful vintage tea towels is a great way to add a hint of vintage style if the rest of your kitchen is modern and sleek. Same goes for a table cloth. There are some chic oil cloths in the shops that add a touch of vintage charm.
Plate rack
A plate rack - either the shelf type or the ones where the plates are stored in vertical slots - these are both decorative and handy. They add a touch of vintage display while keeping your everyday plates within handy reach.
Belfast sink and vintage taps 
A Belfast sink and old fashioned taps are the perfect addition to a vintage-style kitchen. Franke do some amazing ones. 
Wooden panelling is a great way to instantly boost vintage charm. Use it on the base of an island or use it to cover entire walls or under presses above your worktop. Painted crisp white, cream or sage green, it can transform a kitchen.
Retro appliances
Another option is to go with new appliances designed with a vintage look. Companies like Normende do great freezers and refrigerators that fit with a retro aesthetic and come with AA energy ratings. 
Vintage Radio
There are some fab iconic revival radios that give a great nostalgic style to any kitchen. Available in a range of colours to suit they not only look great, but they sounds great too. There are some really cool 1950's style one's from Roberts
Period lighting and details
Lighting can make a big difference in the look and feel of your kitchen. Millan Lighting have a super vintage lighting range. 
Half kitchen door
Replacing your kitchen door with a halved version can really boost your kitchen’s vintage style. If you have a door leading outside to your garden from your kitchen, adding a half door will help you keep your cool in the kitchen in the summer months!


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