8 kitchen hacks that will make life easier

Because we can all do with a helping hand

Whether you’re a professional chef or are someone who can just about pull together a spaghetti bolognaise we can all benefit from knowing a few easy hacks to make things easier. Having asked lots of parents here are our top 8.
  • If you only have stale bread available run some water over it and pop into the oven. It’s perfect to eat. 
  • Wrap wet kitchen roll over your bottles of alcohol or water and put them in the freezer if you need them cool quickly. 
  • Wet your fingers before removing shells from an egg – it’s much easier. 
  • To get all of the juice out of a lemon or lime, cut them in half and place between a tongs and squeeze. Easy peasy. 
  • Use (unused) shower caps to cover food on plates, bowls or in saucepans. Just make sure they are cooled.
  • Remove seeds from fruit such as melons using an icecream scoop. 
  • To peel garlic easily just remove the cloves separately and bang them with a chefs knife. The skin will remove really easily.
  • If you are stuck for soft butter right NOW. Use a grater to grate some off or cut off a chunk, pop into a sandwich bag and roll out with a rolling pin.


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