6 household items you need to clean more often

We tend to clean the more obvious places in our home but forget about these things

Do you ever notice even if you are a ‘Monica’ in the cleaning department you tend to clean the same areas of your home every day? Sometimes we forget that dirt (and germs) can gather in unlikely places. Here are some of those places that you might want to stick onto the monthly cleaning schedule; 
  • Door knobs; this might be one of those overlooked places but think of all the dirty hands touching them regularly. A little disinfectant and cloth will wipe the dirt and bacteria clean away. 
  • Washing machine; whilst you may think that regular use of your washing machine keeps it sparkling its actually quite the opposite. The rims on the door and the pipes can accumulate dirt and slime. It is recommended to run a very hot cycle once in a while and a splash of vinegar will keep those odours at bay.
  • Dishwasher; every wonder where the reside on your plates goes to when they are put in the dishwasher? Well not all of it is washed away and can get caught in the parts causing bacteria build-up and a not so pleasant smell. Running a cycle without any dishes with a dishwasher cleaner or vinegar will have it back sparkling again.
  • Duvets & pillows; The sheets and duvets might get their weekly freshening but how often do your actual duvets and pillows? Over time there is a build-up of sweat, oils and skin cells. These should be cleaned a few times a year. If they cant fit into your washer, most laundrettes clean them.
  • TV remote control; With the whole family regularly getting their hands on this it is worth your while giving it a rub with some disinfectant weekly.  
  • Bath mats;  Usually in use on a daily basis absorbing water from our showers and baths these often forgotten household items can be awash with  mildew and germs . Throw into your wash at the hottest temperature possible for the item to wave bye bye to the unwanted visitors in them. 


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