10 Clever Ways To De-Clutter Your Life

It's a good time to get organised!

10 Clever Ways To De-Clutter Your Life
#1 When cleaning the bedroom, always make the bed first.

There are several reasons:

  • It serves as a mission control center for organizing and folding
  • You’ll be less likely to climb into bed and take a nap in the middle of your cleaning marathon
  • Your messy stuff will look weird and out of place once the bed is all neat. 

#2 When buying electronics, download the manual and store it in the cloud.
If you’re positive you won’t be returning it, you can safely discard the manual. Uploading an electronic copy to the virtual cloud of your choice keeps you covered in case the manufacturer stops producing the item and takes the manual down from its site.

#3 Use the rule of five every time you clean any room in your home.

Whenever you’re cleaning a room, get rid of at least five items, whether it’s a some rubbish, an old magazine, a broken toy, or just something you/they haven’t used in ages.

#4 Hang your bags with shower curtain hooks

The hooks take up less space than hangers. And it’s a great way to compartmentalise the things in your wardrobe that don’t have a place -scarves, belts, socks.

#5 Cut down wardrobe space by 25%
Ask yourself – if I was shopping right now, would I buy this? If the answer is no… take it to the charity shop.

#6 Declutter your Facebook feed.
  • When you see pesty updates from Candy Crush or Spotify that you seriously could care less about, hover your mouse over the post and click “Hide all stories from X”
  • Make friend lists. Only follow your close friends. This also comes in handy later on when you want to post an event or news item that you only want your legit pals to see.
#7 Fold your bedlinen up and stuff them in a matching pillowcase.
It’s a great way to store all of the matching bed linen together for all the family beds and saves on space. 
#8 Introduce the ‘you own it’ basket theory in your home
Everyone gets an ‘own it’ basket. If you see or collect anyone’s stuff throughout the house, it goes in that person’s basket. And then they’re responsible for putting it back into their rooms. It also helps with teaching kids responsibility for their belongings and gives the parents a little break.
#9 Always open your post next to the recycling bin
So you can immediately discard unwanted junk mail.
#10 When the summer comes - choose a hot day to clean out your fridge and freezer. 
It’ll feel less like work and more like a treat. You can even get the kids involved if they are roasting!


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