Leftover Easter Eggs? You HAVE to try this

I think I'm in heaven

If your house is anything like ours and your kids got a few more eggs than they know what to do with we have found the perfect way to use them up.
No, it’s not healthy and, yes, it is laced with sugar and calories but it tastes DELICIOUS and is so nice for a treat.
All you need is an egg, hot chocolate (you can use very little hot chocolate in this as the egg will be melting anyway), marshmallows, cream and toppings of your choice.
  • Pop your egg into a large cup, cracking the top of it open slightly
  • Pour over the hot chocolate
  • Pop in some marshmallows
  • Pour more hot chocolate in…and more marshmallows
  • Add a little cream if you like
  • Add whatever topping you like: a dusting of cocoa powder, chocolate sauce, sprinkles... 

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