KiddiKutter Kids Safety Knives available from Kids Cook

Find out what we had to say about this brilliant invention!

Find out what we had to say about this brilliant invention!
It’s great when you can have your kids help you out preparing for dinner, but the jobs you can normally give to kids tend to be the small ones like setting the table for example. What if I told you that there was a way that they could help you prep the food with a knife and you could have no worries whatsoever about their little fingers? Well, there is!
On a recent visit to Kids Cook cookery school, our kids used these ingenuous knives called KiddiKutters as they learned to prep and cook. These knives are designed for children from just age 3 years of age to cut their own food SAFELY. (I know it sounds crazy to put the words knives and 3 year old in the same sentence but bear with me!) 
This fabulous knife will cut anything that a sharp knife can but it won’t cut kids fingers due to the rounded serrations of the stainless steel blade. We were so impressed with them that we bought one for each of our kids, and one month later they’re still using them every day!
The independence that it has given them is fantastic. Our eldest helps to prepare his school lunch the night before as he can chop his own fruit and veg for his lunch box. He’s enthused about helping cook in the kitchen and volunteers to chop the carrots for dinner or the peppers for the stir-fry!
As for my 3 year old, well let’s just say it’s his pride and joy. I feel safe in the knowledge that he can’t hurt himself and he’s delighted to lose the illuminous baby knives he used until now- that wouldn’t cut butter! Those were more for show to demonstrate he was a ‘big boy’ rather than be of any real use. Now he can cut his own chicken up, or cut his own slice of bread in half- he’s elated. It’s a win-win in our house!
It was quite funny when my mum came to visit and she nearly had heart failure when she saw her two grandchildren with knives at the dinner table. The knives are not only used for prepping in our house but my kids insist on eating with them too. My mum jumped to take them off the kids, and my eldest took great delight in demonstrating how safe they were by demonstrating how he could NOT saw his hand off! Her reaction was priceless. “You see Grandma – totally safe- they don’t cut fingers or skin” he revelled in telling her. She’s now ordered two- one for my niece and one for my nephew from the Kids Cook website.
They come in 5 funky colours so kids can choose their favourite shade. They are BPA free with a food safe coated stainless steel blade and fabulous easy grip BPA free handle. Most delightfully for us –they are dishwasher safe!
The KiddiKutter knife is a fun & safe way for parents to teach their kids one of the most important life skills – cooking. Children love to cook, and while they are cutting the fruits, veggies for dinner they will be tasting them too! I found that my 3 year old has started to munch on fruits and veg that he’d not have dared to try before. Why? Because of the pride that’s come from preparing them!
The knives also have the purpose as a fun way to improve fine motor skills. You and your kids will have safe, stress free fun in the kitchen and you never have to worry about nasty cuts. Best stock up on the fruit bowl and vegetable drawer in your fridge from now on as the contents of both will be experimented on!
I have two birthday parties coming up and my eldest is insisting on gifting presents of these to both kids- he thinks they are that cool! At €12.95 they make a great gift.
If you’re interesting in purchasing them for your own family or friends they can be bought online from Kids Cook here 
Check out this quick video that shows the knives in action!


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