Keep your fruit and veg fresh with these 6 tricks

If you're tired of your fruit and vegetables going off before you get to you them - try these

How often do you take a trip to your vegetable shop or supermarket and stock up on your greens and fruit only to discover a couple of days later that they have grown mould or are limp and lifeless? The good news is with the right storage you can get a lot longer out of your fruit and vegetables. We have found a few tried and tested tricks for you to get you started.
  • Wrapping your lettuce in paper towels or lining your crisper will help prolong their life. The extra moisture will be absorbed by the towel and wont make your lettuce wilt as quickly. Its also a bonus that lining your crisper or drawer will keep it clean.  
  • Keep potatoes, onions, and tomatoes out of the fridge but in a cool, dry place. It will help to keep the flavour. Pop your tomatoes into a lined bowl with the stems at the top. They should keep for a week. 
  • Don’t separate your bananas before you need to eat them. Putting a cling film around the top of the banana will give you an extra 3 – 5 days. 
  • Keeping an apple in the bag with your potatoes extends their life. Apples produce ethylene gas that are proven to keep potatoes fresh.
  • On the other hand keep apples away from all other fruit as it has the opposite effect.
  • When you buy your berries immerse them in a plastic bag of hot water to kill off the mould spores and you will get longer out of them.


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