How To Get Your Kids Excited About Making Pancakes

The best way to get your child excited about making pancakes is to let them have free reign over a few things, like colour, toppings etc.

When it comes to Pancake Tuesday, it is always the mum who is left hovering over the hob, mixing ingredients, making sure the pan is hot and serving up tasty, delicious pancakes. And it is always Mum who is left with cold leftovers and very few toppings after the rest of the family get to them first.   
This year, it’s time to spice things up a little though.
To FINALLY get the pancake you deserve once and for all... by passing the full brunt of the work over to your kids (age-appropriate, of course)!
However, as most of us have come to understand, kids like the reward but not the work! And making pancakes is a bit of work; mixing the ingredients together is easy but cooking them is a whole other story.
The best way to get your child excited about making pancakes is to let them have free reign over a few things, like colour, toppings etc.
So if you do fancy putting your feet up this March 5th, the following suggestions will get your little ones excited about making their own pancakes!
1. Let them choose their own toppings 
For us, the best topping is some fresh lemon and sugar. Nothing beats a good classic. However, kids will be kids and they’ll no doubt want something a little bit more adventurous. When shopping for your ingredients, let the kids choose one topping that they would like to try – whether it’s Nutella or jam let them make the decision.
2. Let them make fun shapes
It’s actually a lot harder than it looks but creating some cool pancake shapes is a sure-fire way to get your little one excited about making their tasty pancakes. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that show you how to whip up some cool shapes. And, sure, even if they don’t turn out right, you’ll all have a laugh making them.
3. Have a pancake flipping race
What kid doesn't love a good pancake flipping race? You could try to see how many times they can flip one pancake without dropping it or, alternatively, they could try to see if they can get one to hit (and maybe stick) to the ceiling… Just bear in mind who will be cleaning up the mess after.
4. Add a little food dye to brighten up the pancakes
This is a great way to individualise each of your kids’ pancakes. You can even get them to make their very own rainbow stack – it would look really impressive when they cut into it.
And for kids who are a little too young to be mixing ingredients together or for mums who simply can’t bear to clean up after them, you can make Pancake Tuesday easy peasy with Lidl’s Pancake Saver Deal.
The deal includes pancakes, real whipped cream, 100% lemon juice and your choice of either the Chocolate Hazelnut Spread or Chocolate and Hazelnut Duo Spread for €3. 
Happy pancake making! 

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