Favourite Irish Food combos

Are you guilty of a Tayto sandwich on Brennans bread and a cup of tea? Or maybe some of  these others?

Every nation has their own particular food combinations. Here are some of our favourites.
  • The Crisp sandwich, a national favourite. And not just any crisp, it has to be Tayto with Brennon’s fresh white bread.
  • Chips with curry sauce AND rice. Mostly called a 3 in one or a long tray. When you can’t make up your mind this is a great combo. Usually purchased from a Chinese. The Irish love their Chinese currys!
  • Breakfast roll – This is the full Irish breakfast put into a roll and a topping of tomato ketchup.
  • Rich tea and butter, made into a sandwich.
  • Coddle, a traditional Dublin dish with sausages and potato. 
  • Ham sandwiches or ‘hang sandwiches’ with butter on pan bread. Simple as.
  • Chicken fillet rolls. Usually purchased in a deli, it consists of a white French roll which a chicken breast and a variety of fillings.
  • Colcannon a dish mainly consisting of mashed potatoes with kale or cabbage- served with sausages! 
  • Banana sandwiches, this is a quick and easy tea for children. In the past mothers have been known to spread a little sugar on them for flavour.
  • As we mentioned, us Irish have a slight obsession with curry and Chinese takeaways. We love curry made in many different combinations including, turkey curry, mince curry, chicken, vegetable, prawn and the ‘special’ to name a few...
  • And how could we leave out bacon & cabbage
  • Rasher sandwiches or cheese on toast with YR Brown sauce!
  • Apple tart and a cup of tea. Yummy!
Any others, tell us?


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