Creme Egg Biscuits? Sign Us Up!

You'd be mad not to at least try one! It's Easter afterall! 

There is about to be an online war and we think we could actually 'break the internet'! 
Easter is upon us and as many have given up chocolate for lent, we know that each piece of those milk chocolate pieces will be devoured within seconds this weekend. 
What we love most though are our Easter essential - Cadbury's Creme Egg and we have found out this week that we can now nab Creme Egg biscuits! 
Yes mums, we can't actually think of a better way to treat ourselves than buying a chunk load of these and throwing on the kettle! 
The bar comes loaded with chocolate, a biscuit base, and the egg filling wedged into the centre - and you can grab them here.
We're warning you - be quick! Not a hope they'll last. 

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