Chocolate IS Good For You? Stock Up!

Any excuse but this one seems plausible!

So in more recent and incredibly important news - chocolate has a range of health benefits and we're totally jumping on this bandwagon!
According to new research it has been revealed that a little (we're not paying attention to that part) dark chocolate contain lots of antioxidants which are good for you. 
So much so, that the chocolate is now being considered a superfood because it contains inflammation-fighting properties and can lower blood pressure. 
An article in University HEalth News says the dark chocolate can also benefit your brain, especially in terms of mood, anxiety and cognitive function and it can act as an anti-aging remedy. 
This is down to the flavanols and methylxanthines cocoa contains, and we're not complaining. 
Now there are some loopholes such as the 'right' kind of chocolate which apparently means one that contains 70% cocoa and 30% sugar and binging in moderation. 
However, chocolate is chocolate and any excuse suits us to be honest. 
We're going to be young forever! 

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